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Activating Data for Intelligent Experiences

Activating Data for Intelligent Experiences

Data Activation Launchpad

Unlock your data to enable intelligent experiences

Maximizing data value requires empowered ownership, strong cloud foundations, and a strategy to unlock insights through intelligent experiences. Kin + Carta can help consistently drive new enterprise value with a scalable approach to activate data-led transformation on Google Cloud.

Kin + Carta’s Data Activation Launchpad ramps clients through a high-ROI use-case to activate data and accelerate time to business value. Aimed to maximize long-term data value through extensible integrations across Google’s Data Cloud, we’ll design and build a future-proof analytics foundation that extend to reimagined customer experiences, accelerate digital commerce and transform data into AI at scale.

We'll deploy a data modernization blueprint on Google Cloud to enable:

  • Google Cloud Landing zone - Implement IaC with Cloud Foundation Toolkit for secure organizational policy alignment on Google Cloud.
  • Integration - Flexible patterns for ingestion, streaming and transformation with Pub/Sub, Dataflow and Data Fusion.
  • Modern Data Platform - Open big data processing, federated access and governance controls with BigQuery, Dataproc and Dataplex.
  • Insights - Enable BI anywhere with Looker to visualize your customer journey across Google Analytics and GMP, and enrich operational and 1P CRM data.
  • Activation - Extensive, pluggable integrations for Discovery AI for Retail Search, CCAI platform modernization and accelerating data into AI applications.

What to expect

The 6-week Data Activation Launchpad will align to a north star and KPIs to continuously prove value and enable cross-domain data value for stakeholder adoption of sustainable data cloud modernization.

Phase 1: Align

Discovery workshop with North star roadmap for immediate workloads honed to long-term modernization and enablement goals.

Phase 2: Define

Custom blueprint with well defined reference patterns to iteratively unlock data value across key ecosystem integration points.

Phase 3: Deploy

Scalable data pipelines and analytics access on Google Cloud with extensive integrations to client environment, systems and consumer targets.

Phase 4: Activate

Key use-case applications designed to leverage near real-time BI and data into ML, digital commerce, customer experience and AI applications.

Phase 5: Optimize

Project review and TDD aimed to scale data product utilization and lower TCO with Lakehouse and Data Mesh designs to serve digital transformation goals.


The Launchpad will deliver measurable uplift and ROI to bridge data silos into strategic data products aligned with intelligent experiences through the following outcomes:

Repeatable infrastructure and roadmap to adapt any type, scale, location and use of data use-case with Google Cloud’s Lakehouse and Data Mesh capabilities.

Activate and extend your data platform with integrations through BigQuery Omni, Data Fusion, and Dataplex.

Empower self-service and embedded data applications across the customer lifecycle with Looker's cloud-native BI platform.

Accelerate AI using BigQuery ML and enable predictive applications with omnichannel Retail and CCAI applications.

Extensive integrations between BigQuery and Vertex AI to experiment, build and deploy models at scale.

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