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Kin + Carta named in Forrester's Innovation Consulting Services Landscape, Q1 2024

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We’re excited to share that Kin + Carta has been named in The Innovation Consulting Services Landscape, Q1 2024 report by Forrester Research. 

Forrester defines innovation consulting services as: “Consulting services with a dedicated practice to provide client organizations with the capabilities to master sustainable innovation with the goal of optimizing innovation strategy, transforming innovation culture, boosting innovation ecosystems, strengthening innovation processes, and enhancing innovation technologies.”

The report provides an overview of 26 service providers. It states that Innovation consulting service providers draw upon expertise with innovation success factors, have invested in tools and playbooks that drive efficiency in the innovation lifecycle, and instill the data-driven discipline into the creative process needed to maximize innovation ROI.

“Organizations have a choice to innovate or stagnate,” said Brad Koszuta, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Kin + Carta. “Innovation requires an imaginative culture that can identify and build bold front-stage experiences with a data-driven backstage.”

Kin + Carta’s human-centered approach to transformation and innovation enables its clients to capitalize on the vast potential of digital experiences, data, and the cloud. From innovating business models to creating flexible, fast-moving operating models, the firm helps clients imagine their digital future, set up their organization for success, and ensure sustainable growth.

Read Forrester’s Landscape report here (must purchase or be a Forrester client to access).

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