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Tech anxiety analysis workshop

How do you lead through tech anxiety?

75% of leaders say digital transformation investment is needed in the next year.

But many don’t know where to focus their time or their energy.

We can help you take the first steps towards high-impact transformation in our free interactive workshop.

Start planning strategic transformation now

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What challenges are leaders facing?

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Businesses are under huge pressure to adapt and transform.

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Tech anxiety is growing as the pace of technology evolution speeds up.

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Leaders aren’t sure where to begin or how to identify the tools they need to succeed.

How can Kin + Carta help?

We assess areas of anxiety in your organization and map them against your investment priorities, connecting the dots between strategy and innovation. We help leaders to:

  • Explore common business cases based on investment capabilities.

  • Determine how to get the “right amount” of value out of new tools like GenAI.

  • Connect customer experience (front-stage) with backstage processes, data, and tools.

What to expect?

Our Tech Anxiety Discovery Workshop takes place over three focused sessions. Our experts will gather data about your organization, carry out interviews with leaders, and target up to three tech anxiety areas for a deeper dive.

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Ready to build your transformation roadmap?

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