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Are banks doing enough to meet consumer needs?

As the cost of living crisis deepens, high interest rates fuel industry competition and regulatory pressure continues, financial services organisations face increasing expectations from consumers.

Consumers are asking for more; more education about finance, more options for investment, more empathy and more rewards for their loyalty. Banks need to adapt, provide reassurance and embrace digital to meet customers where they are.

Our expert-led report identifies four key shifts that we believe will change the future of banking and the consumer behaviour driving them. Download now to understand what comes next and how to embrace the opportunities these challenges offer.

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What should you be considering?

Insights include: 
  • Why AI is the key to delivering financial services that can change as people’s lives change
  • How to embracing technology innovation can allow customers to enjoy the present whilst planning for the future
  • The reason embracing sustainability is the key to winning new consumers, not a compliance barrier
  • How embedded finance will inspire creativity from banks

The products that worked 30 years ago aren’t working now. People want to buy a house, not take out a mortgage, and banks need to offer personalised services for people with different needs and life circumstances.
Elizabeth Lumley, Deputy Editor -The Banker, Financial Times

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