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A Day in the Life of Bisera Chauleva, Analytics Engineer

A Day in the Life of Bisera Chauleva

Our name is intentional. “Kin” refers to family and “Carta” refers to maps. When together, we’re Kin + Carta — a group of connected makers, builders and creators, who come together everyday to help our clients build experiences and plot a clear path forward in today’s digital world. Carta is what we do, Kin is who we are.

Day in the Life is a series that brings the day-to-day experiences of working at Kin + Carta to light, all through the eyes of our Kin. And today, we want to take a look at the Day in the Life of Bisera Chauleva, Analytics Engineer.

What's your story?

I have been an Analytics Engineer at Kin + Carta for a year and a half now. I am part of, as I like to call it, the most dynamic team - the SEE Data Team. However, I mostly work remotely as I am located in the city of Ohrid and our office in North Macedonia is located in the capital Skopje.

I’m in love with cosmetic chemistry and biochemistry, which is totally different from what I do and study at the moment.

What is it that you do?

I am orchestrating the complete lifecycle of data-driven solutions. Setting up tracking plans and gathering data from various places like websites, apps, marketing campaigns etc. Then, cleaning up and organizing the data, building models to analyze it, and finally creating easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that provide valuable insights to everyone involved.

What’s your favourite part of your working day?

My favorite part of my day-to-day job is when I get to dive into data analysis and problem-solving. It's exciting to uncover insights and patterns that can help drive decision-making and improve processes.

I feel the most productive when setting aside dedicated time for focused work, where I can delve deeply into complex tasks without interruptions. This helps me accomplish more in less time and gives me a sense of gratification.

What makes you better at your job?

Continuous learning, problem-solving skills, collaboration, adaptability, attention to detail, and strong communication skills are key factors. By staying updated with industry trends, leveraging diverse perspectives, and being adaptable to change, I can consistently deliver high-quality analyses and insights to drive informed decision-making within my team and organization.

What project are you currently working on?

I’m developing a plan for data collection, refining existing setups for better efficiency, and integrating both aspects to create an enhanced solution. This comprehensive approach aims to resolve client issues such as disorganized, duplicated, and incomplete data, as well as addressing any missing data.

What does your job teach you?

In addition to technical proficiency, the job as an Analytics Engineer teaches me the essential soft skills vital for success in the field. Strong communication skills, allowing me to articulate complex concepts to diverse audiences, collaborate effectively within multidisciplinary teams, and bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. Furthermore, I grow my problem-solving skills , which enables me to approach challenges creatively, break them down into manageable components, and devise innovative solutions. I nurture adaptability and a willingness to learn , as the dynamic nature of the field demands flexibility in navigating evolving technologies and methodologies. Lastly, attention to detail ensures accuracy and precision in data analysis and decision-making processes. These soft skills complement technical expertise, empowering me as an Analytics Engineer to thrive in a complex and dynamic environment, driving impactful insights and solutions.

What is the most important skill for a successful Analytics Engineer?

The ability to translate complex data into actionable insights. Not only proficiency in data analysis techniques and tools but also a deep understanding of business objectives and challenges. By distilling vast datasets into meaningful narratives, the Analytics Engineer empowers decision-makers to derive strategic value from data-driven insights. Effective communication of these insights to stakeholders is essential for driving organizational change and fostering data-driven decision-making cultures. Overall, the skill of transforming data into actionable insights lies at the heart of the analytics engineer's role, driving innovation and driving organizational success.

Tell us about the biggest challenge you run into as an Analytics Engineer.

Maintaining data quality and integrity. Ensuring that the data I work with is accurate, complete, and reliable is crucial for generating trustworthy insights and making informed decisions. This often involves reconciling data from different sources, identifying and rectifying inconsistencies or errors, and implementing robust data hygiene practices throughout the analytical process. Addressing these issues demands meticulous attention to detail and a proactive approach to data governance to uphold the integrity of my analytical work and deliver valuable outcomes for the organization.

Why did you choose Kin + Carta?

Because of its leadership in digital transformation. With teams spread across different parts of the world, Kin + Carta offers a diverse and dynamic environment that fosters innovation and creativity. I was particularly drawn to the captivating and energetic data team that I am now a part of, which provides an exciting platform for collaboration and learning. Moreover, the friendly and supportive working atmosphere at Kin + Carta is truly remarkable, with colleagues who selflessly offer help, support, and motivation. Being entrusted with projects and clients at Kin + Carta is both an honor and a challenge, pushing me to continuously strive for excellence and contributing to meaningful outcomes in the realm of digital transformation.

How has Kin + Carta supported your career development?

From the very beginning, Kin + Carta demonstrated its commitment to nurturing my growth and development by offering limitless training opportunities on platforms I was eager to learn. Moreover, they actively supported my journey to attain certifications for services that ignited my passion. One aspect that truly stood out was the company's belief in my capabilities and the solutions I proposed for clients' challenges. This support not only empowered me but also fueled my motivation to excel further. Additionally, Kin + Carta fostered a healthy and conducive environment for professional growth, enabling me to evolve into an expert in the analytics field. I am grateful for the invaluable support and opportunities provided by Kin + Carta, which have significantly enriched my journey as an Analytics Engineer.

What’s one of your favorite parts of your day-to-day at Kin + Carta?

I love Social Thursdays, which are organized during the last week of each month. All are organized by a different team and have their own theme. The themes are always super creative and a lot of fun, bringing positive energy after a long and hard working week. It's a nice gathering where most of the people in the office come together to celebrate the successful work week with a dash of creativity.

What inspires you daily?

Setting specific and achievable goals for the day. I break down my bigger tasks into smaller, manageable steps. That way, each time I finish one, it feels like a win and keeps me motivated to tackle the next thing on my list. It's like a constant cycle of progress and achievement that keeps me focused and feeling good about what I'm doing.

What are your hobbies?

I am a fan of skiing and pilates during the winter months, and I enjoy rollerblading, stand-up paddleboarding, and hiking during other times of the year. I am also super passionate about motorcycles and fancy long rides during the warmer months.

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