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The benefits of nearshore have always been clear to me, good on paper. But it wasn’t until I visited Kin + Carta’s newly designed office in Bogotá that I had the chance to directly experience Kin + Carta’s delivery model. It’s one that enables cost efficient solutions and makes the most of the knowledge and abilities of a global team. Visiting Bogotá was when I understood the real benefits of nearshore.

It was there where I heard Spanish and English so eloquently mix as consultants hopped on a quick call to solution alongside their client teams. It’s also where I saw a Bogotá-based data analyst present on gait analysis for a US-based Children’s Hospital. It’s where the work day ended and the office swiftly turned into a Salsa Dancing 101 class. And it’s where I finally had the chance to meet and work alongside my teammates in-person.

Image of individuals collaborating at a table in an office room
The Americas Employer Brand team together in Bogotá

There is something different about Kin + Carta in Latin America, and Alberto Dominguez, Colombia’s Managing Director, summed it up perfectly — it’s a spark. There is passion mixed with technical expertise mixed with care all topped off with a commitment to ‘better’. Once you feel that spark of opportunity, there is no going back. 

The benefits of nearshore delivery are clear, and the spark ignites when you see it for yourself in-person. That’s why I believe every client, potential client, and partner of Kin + Carta should plan a trip to visit one of our Latin American offices. 

Need more reasons? Here are a few:

  1. You’ll improve collaboration. There’s just something about experiencing someone’s presence and having the opportunity to shake their hand, isn’t there? While seemingly trivial, strengthened relationships through in-person experiences drives greater collaboration. It’s easier to bring forward different view points, ‘read the room’ and come to solutions quicker. 
  2. You’ll deepen mutual understanding of your business problem. You’re an expert in your industry and Kin + Carta consultants bring successful solutions from different industries. Together, partnership enables deeper understanding of your business problem and an innovative solution to drive your work to successful completion. 
  3. You’ll welcome diversity of thought. More diverse teams outperform less diverse teams. Through team models that structure US and LatAm representation into them, you proactively welcome new backgrounds into every meeting. And being together in-person can fast track the creation of an inclusive environment that welcomes new ideas.
  4. You will be re-energized by the potential of your digital estate. Not only will you receive clarity in what our businesses can do together, you’ll leave energized to create strategy around what’s next for you & the technology of your business.


The ease we have to collaborate and work across borders virtually is a benefit, however, it also enables us to recognize the value in-person interaction brings. And, the moments when these in-person interactions matter the most. Sitting physically alongside your strategic technology partner is one such time.

Image of individuals collaborating at a table in an office room
Kin + Carta’s offices are built for collaboration

During my week in Bogotá I met world-leading technologists who care about the clients they partner with, the impact their work makes, and the relationships built along the way. I left with a sense of pride to call such wonderful humans “Kin” and an eagerness to get back as soon as I can. I just hope to see you there!

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