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International Women’s day: Celebrating women in tech

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International Women's day: Celebrating women in tech

At Kin + Carta Kosovo, we're all about challenging the status quo, especially when it comes to the endeavor for gender equity. For International Women’s Day, we wanted to go beyond the usual "thank you" chocolates and flowers, so we put our thinking caps on to create a memorable day that honors the amazing women of our team

At the start of the day personalized thank-you cards that read "At Kin + Carta, women lead with strength and passion”, were given to the team. We wanted to, highlight the working spirit of our team and honor our team members. 

In order to recognize and emphasize more on the fact how women at Kin + Carta work and impact the team, and their respective communities, we hosted a panel with Elza Ujkani (QA Tester), Pranvera Salihu (React Developer) and Seda Gaş (Java Developer) to discuss and share more about their challenges in the industry, and how they kick started their career. 

They spoke about the obstacles they faced, the moments of victory, and the lessons they learned along the way, as well as shared advice such as the importance of building a strong support system and being confident in their abilities.
"Misconceptions can't stop us from achieving anything if we truly want to and work for it", noted Seda, while talking on the panel.

Elza, who switched careers from development to quality assurance, encourages women to take into account the value of diverse experiences throughout their career and the complementary role those experiences play in creating better, higher quality work. As she noted, “switching from development to quality assurance doesn't mean giving up on your passion for technology. It means bringing a new perspective to the table and ensuring that the products we create are of the highest quality standards. Embrace this new challenge, and let your expertise and experience shine in the world of software testing.”

We concluded our panel discussion with a short trivia game to raise awareness about women in tech. We had questions about the state and history of women in tech, famous female pioneers, and the challenges women face in the industry. It was a blast, and we learned so much! Did you know that the first ever computer programmer was a woman, Ada Lovelace?

Celebrating inclusion, diversity, equity and awareness (IDEA)

Women have always been at the forefront of innovation, from Ada Lovelace to Grace Hopper to Katherine Johnson, who helped put the first humans on the moon. Today, women are still breaking barriers and paving the way in tech. We're proud to have such a talented and diverse group of women at our company, and we're committed to continuing to support them in their careers.

At 39% women employees, Kin + Carta Kosovo office’s gender composition is 14% higher than the industry average

Standing at 39% women employees, Kin + Carta Kosovo office’s gender composition is 14% higher than the industry average, as women make up only 25% of the workforce in the tech industry. Women also hold 22% of leadership positions in our team, or twice more than the industry average, where women only hold 11% of leadership positions in tech. The numbers grow towards true gender equity every day, as we expand and grow towards new horizons.

We're grateful for the opportunity to celebrate International Women's Day and the amazing women in our industry. We hope that this day serves as a reminder of the progress we've made and the work that still needs to be done to achieve true gender equality in tech. As our panelists said: “There has been great progress which should be celebrated and recognized, especially in the tech industry, but it's our collective responsibility to continue guiding and empowering women towards a confident, happy, and fulfilling career."

Let's continue to work together to create a future where women can thrive and succeed.

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