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Getting started with MACH Technology through our MACH Catalyst Workshop

Brian Browning
image of a workshop in progress

Driving business outcomes with composable technologies

It’s almost inescapable: the term “MACH”, or composable technology, dominates a lot of the talk around IT and Marketing circles these days. And for good reason - composable technology has tremendous benefits for technical, marketing and business stakeholders. Solutions built upon MACH tools like Contentful, Contentstack and commercetools offer a perfect way to solve niche problems or to power entire ecosystems of digital experience delivery. 

But the challenge of defining how to get started with this technology requires a deft touch that balances the identification of and solution to a specific business problem. In an environment that demands proof before large investments are made, using a Proof of Concept (POC) or Minimally Viable Product (MVP) model can often de-risk the investment in technology, people and process and prove the business value up-front.

We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with clients to help them better understand the underlying technology found in MACH solutions and importantly, directly connecting the technology to specific business outcomes. For example, driving experimentation on landing pages, improving search results, or automating content translation that drive personalized marketing campaigns are good examples of important demonstrations of this modern approach to experience delivery.

About the MACH Catalyst Workshop

To assist customers in defining the best POC/MVP engagements to capitalize upon, Kin+Carta offers a no-cost, half-day MACH Catalyst workshop. This workshop focuses on ensuring that the business understands the opportunity MACH tools and platforms offer and aligns those tools against a client’s internal capabilities and bandwidth. From that point, we collaborate with client stakeholders to identify one or more specific areas where a POC/MVP would not only demonstrate the technical viability of a given solution, but also, fundamentally demonstrate a solution to the business problem.

The output of the session is a detailed description of the POC/MVP opportunity, costs, timelines, team and resourcing definition and assumptions / dependencies. In short, everything necessary to build a business case to invest in and demonstrate the power of composable architecture, tools and technologies.

Proving that MACH technology can solve key business problems leads to a larger opportunity to embrace composable technologies on a wider scale, standardizing and streamlining costs, tools and vendors throughout a digital ecosystem. It also unlocks the opportunity to drive true innovation across a spectrum of experiences that range from web to mobile to kiosk-based experiences.

Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about MACH technology and how your business can benefit from it, we’d encourage you to engage with us through our MACH Catalyst Workshop  offering. To get started, please complete the short form below and we will contact you to schedule an actionable discussion to help you meet your business goals.

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