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Our Microsoft partnership team is growing

Microsoft and Kin + Carta

New Kin on the block

Over the last few years, Kin + Carta’s partnership team has grown from a few roles into a large group of highly skilled, trained and certified partnership professionals. Because of this amazing team, we can be laser-focused on building upon our strong strategic partnerships.

We have expanded our focus, specifically within our Microsoft partnership, by adding two new roles to the Kin + Carta team. The deep experience and unique skills of these professionals will exponentially grow our capabilities and take customers’ journeys to new heights. Check out what our new Kin have to say about joining the Kin + Carta partnerships team and learn what their goals and ambitions are for their work with our partners and customers.

Meet Stephen Musciano, Americas GTM Lead - Microsoft Ecosystem 

Tell us about your previous work experience and skills you bring to the team:

I have experience working in end-to-end management consulting for a boutique firm focused on creating a supply chain digital twins for enterprise clients. We built analytical solutions that unified data, drove collaboration, and improved automation. My responsibilities included business development, pre-sales solution design, client delivery, and ongoing support.

What made you want to pursue a career at Kin + Carta?

Kin + Carta is a team of world class thinkers, practitioners, and enthusiasts that deliver incredible products for their clients. I can’t wait to be surrounded by the best in the industry and deliver value for some of the most exciting companies in the world.

What excites you about being on the Microsoft partnership team?

Kin + Carta has established a partnership organization that goes above and beyond what I ever would have expected. Microsoft has a focus on Digital/ Application Innovation and Data / AI, which will enable Kin + Carta to deliver best-in-class digital experiences. It’s also exciting to see how Kin + Carta’s strong commitment to the planet, which is backed by their B Corp status, has led to winning Partner of the Year, Sustainability Changemaker. As someone who loves the Colorado winters and everything they offer, I was excited to see Kin + Carta’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2023 and net-zero by 2027.

Any fun facts or hobbies?

Mountain biking, road biking, snowboarding, and golf. I’m a comedy fan and have dabbled in improv.
Stephen Musciano
Stephen Musciano, Americas GTM Lead - Microsoft Ecosystem

Meet Kimberly Arnold, Senior Partnership Development Manager

Tell us about your previous work experience and skills you bring to the team:

As a four-time business owner and entrepreneur, I have been involved in the leadership of a number of rapidly diversifying businesses. I began operating my own strategic advisory firm focused on digital transformation in 2014 and have grown increasingly passionate about helping organizations thrive at the intersection of strategy, operations and technology. My experience includes such industries as gaming, tourism, hospitality, health and life sciences, finance and more.

What made you want to pursue a career at Kin + Carta?

During the interview process, I was intrigued to learn about the K+C mission and culture as well as the evolution of the organization (from a printing-centric business into one focused on streamlining technology, data and experiences for customers). I found the company’s own DX path uniquely inspiring because it demonstrates we have already found success in navigating the same digital transformation journey that we now guide others through. To see an organization walk that walk - and further prove its commitments by achieving B Corp certification - it convinced me that I would indeed be joining an organization that can/will ‘build a world that works better for everyone’.

What excites you about being on the Microsoft partnership team?

Before joining K+C, I worked for just under one year as an external resource (XR/v-dash) within Microsoft. I supported a training program for internal field and external partners on Azure solutions specific to one of their most prominent industry clouds. That experience was invaluable, and gives me an appreciation for the expectations of my new role representing K+C’s partnership team back to that organization. I have seen firsthand the impact that successful partner relationships can have throughout the entire Microsoft ecosystem, and am eager to add value to what is already a successful (Sustainability Changemaker POY 2022!) Microsoft-dedicated team here at K+C.
Kimberly Arnold
Kimberly Arnold, Senior Partnership Development Manager

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