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How do we ensure sustainability in government delivery?

Andy Hazell from SR2 kicking of the event

Kin + Carta recently teamed up with SR2: Social Responsible Recruitment to host an event at our London HQ. 

Part of SR2’s 'Technology Leaders within Government' series, it was an opportunity for us to delve into the challenges of a more sustainable future and how we can all play our part in progress and action. 

Heading towards sustainability

Gradually but perceptibly, the world is moving towards net-zero and equal accessibility. Regulations, customers, citizens and employees are putting organisations under pressure to become more sustainable. However, this pressure is also leading to clear benefits for businesses that embody the message of the planet being as important as profits.

Our event was aimed at educating those looking to make progress on their sustainability journey. But what gives us an authoritative voice in this area? Kin + Carta and SR2 are both certified B-Corps, which means we’re part of a select group of businesses that are using their power to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

With this at the core of our businesses, and a passion for work in the Public Sector, we wanted to shine a light on the choices we have as individuals and as businesses to make a difference.

Meet the experts

Emma Charles, Director of Public Sector Delivery at Kin + Carta, discussed the challenges and opportunities around measuring carbon emissions in projects and the choices we make, including considerations around running events. Emma also talked us through some of the sustainable digital transformation client projects Kin + Carta has worked with, to reduce carbon footprint.

Sam Maguire, Sustainability Lead at Clarasys, is a specialist in his field, working with organisations to develop sustainable operating models. Sam talked us through monumental pieces of work being done in government around sustainable procurement.

Finally, Rebecca Hellard and Charlotte Araya-Moreland took to the podium. They represented the Civil Service Environment Network which is going through initiatives such as net-zero targets. They also spoke more broadly about sustainability projects within the Government and how this can be integrated with technology.
Sam Maguire, Sustainability Lead at Clarasys presenting
Sam Maguire, Sustainability Lead at Clarasys presenting

Three main takeaways

Amongst the many insights delivered by the speakers, there were three that stood out as universal and relevant to all businesses.

  • Tech is a force for good - yes it's true that the digital world has its own issue with CO2 production, but tech is also the solution for organisations looking to achieve sustainability. What's needed is careful consideration of where that tech can make a difference in order to make processes more efficient, reducing waste and the need for unsustainable practices.

  • Digital sustainability matters - Emma shared a carbon saving project where a 2% reduction in the size of the client's homepage had a monumental impact. When that 2% was multiplied by the CO2 saving per kb downloaded and the number of people visiting the page per year, it represented a potential saving of 360kg in carbon. Just one small change but imagine that multiplied thousands or millions of times.

  • Businesses need to act now - it was timely perhaps that only a week after the event took place, the UK sweltered in its highest ever recorded temperature. The fact is sustainability has waited long enough to be at the top of agendas. Action is required right now if we are to limit the damage that climate change will do to our world and society. The talking needs to stop and the action needs to start. Today.

Overall it was an informative, inspiring evening with brilliant insight added by our attendees. Look out for the next event to get the knowledge you need on your sustainability journey.

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