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Creating a virtual supply chain for agribusinesses during the covid-19 crisis

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The COVID-19 crisis has severely interrupted traditional channels of the supply chain including the agribusiness industry, making digital instruments a primary and necessary tool for most businesses.

We created a tool for CBS in Albania called "Smartcapital" to help farmers sell their products online to international buyers. Now, we are making changes to the tool to fit a new situation.

AgroTrade is now slowly being redesigned and adapted during the COVID-19 crisis, as a virtual supply-chain tool to connect 3 distinct segments for exports: local producers, international importers, and logistics companies.
CBS has already received positive feedback on these innovative updates, and the full package of services to customers will be launched soon.

AgroTrade is a modern web platform / tool that connects sellers or buyers in the agricultural industry through a virtual marketplace in Albania. Farmers have their own profiles in the platform where they enlist their products, while business representatives can ask for a quote for a more business-to-business type of an agreement. The platform also hosts these conversations and will soon also offer blockchain based contracts to be facilitated through it.

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