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Increasing Call Center Efficiency in a Time of Need

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the globe, businesses are having to rapidly respond to market uncertainties. In response to unpredictable revenue streams, many businesses have had to cut costs and work harder to retain customers. There is a survival imperative, but research has shown economic downturns also accelerate innovation and create opportunities to strengthen your business for when growth returns.

So, how should your business be responding to this market downturn? The answer is to continually focus on operational efficiency and innovation that delivers a better customer experience.

Kin + Carta, in partnership with Google Cloud, is helping to improve the operational efficiency of our clients by focusing on leveraging Artificial Intelligent solutions to augment parts of their businesses, which helps reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

At the center of these solutions is a combination of products and technologies. One of those solutions is a new product developed by Google called Contact Center AI (CCAI). CCAI is a platform that allows companies to quickly create virtual agents that can handle customer calls without the need to leverage a human customer service representative. This technology enables call center solutions to scale horizontally and meet customer needs.


Virtual Agents and Agent Assist are the two main components of CCAI. Virtual Agents are autonomous chatbots that you can train to solve most customer needs and questions. For example, a bot could be created to handle customer returns without a human customer service representative. Virtual Agent can either be the primary response to customer inquiries or can be used when call volume exceeds capacity at a given moment. Having the ability to horizontally scale responses to customer service needs allows businesses to seamlessly handle spikes in volume while keeping costs low.

In the event that a customer has a need the virtual agent cannot handle, the customer would be seamlessly directed to a live customer service agent. As the call or chat is directed CCAI sends relevant information to the live agent with a feature called Agent Assist, which delivers contextual information to the customer service representative. In addition to the live agent receiving a transcript of the customer’s conversation with the Virtual Agent, they can also integrate to an AI tool, called Sentiment Analysis, which is used to measure the intonation and emotional response of the customer. Together, these features allow the agent to quickly understand the customer's needs. Agent Assist can also use the context of the customer’s conversation to provide additional relevant information to the live agent, such as a product catalog or documentation. By supplying the agent with this additional information, the average handle time of the call will decrease, allowing your call centers to handle a larger influx of calls. Lowering the average handle time and increasing the bandwidth of the call center will decrease the price per call, which in turn saves your business operational expense.

After putting a Virtual Agent in place, it is important to maintain the agent and update it with relevant information as your business evolves and responds to global events. CCAI has a tool built-in called Knowledge Base Connectors that allows you to upload FAQ or other documents directly into the bot. Once a document has been ingested in the knowledge base, your bot can immediately start responding to questions included in the document without the need for any additional development effort. This feature is a great way to keep your Virtual Agents becoming more intelligent with the latest information.

" 63% of US consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to poor customer service"

CCAI solutions

By leveraging CCAI technology, you can improve your business’s operational efficiency by decreasing call center costs while simultaneously increasing capacity. Additionally, Agent Assist makes live agents more effective by simultaneously meeting customer needs and decreasing the overall time to handle client concerns. At Kin + Carta, our expertise in AI solutions helps our customers reduce costs and prepare for the market volatility associated with our increasingly global economy. 

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