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5 reasons why CMOs should choose Sitecore

2001 might not have seen a Space Odyssey but it was a time of major global upheaval. In the midst of world changing events, Sitecore was born and started life as a Content Management System (CMS). With its humble roots in Denmark, it has now grown to be a global leader in Marketing Experience Management.

With customers and prospects now demanding more from their experiences, CMOs are under pressure to keep up, stand out and keep people engaged. Here’s five ways Sitecore can give you an edge over competitors.

Keeping it personal

Is your content hitting the spot and really engaging? Sitecore allows you to provide content and messaging through digital channels which can be personalised, tracked and analysed. Click-through-rates can be increased by an average of 20% and marketers can also use ‘Engagement Value’ (a simple numeric scale) to measure the effectiveness of their work – great for reporting back to the board.

Stay optimised

It’s easy to tell what needs to be improved thanks to xDB. It stores visitor behaviour, interactions, goals and data that can inform and guide you on what to improve and optimise. You can easily see what’s working, replace the duff content and make informed decisions. This means you can focus your team’s efforts on the things that make a difference.

Increase engagement

Email Experience Manager EXM has now been integrated into the core Sitecore platform. It allows you to deliver fully tracked email campaigns and report on their effectiveness at driving recipients to create engagement value. Features such as Personalisation and Multivariate testing of emails can optimise your campaigns to drive the most engagement and follow up goals.

It’s no surprise that Sitecore is continually named a Leader in various categories by market analysts Gartner and Forrester. If you’re a CMO looking to raise the bar on customer experience marketing, I believe it’s a excellent investment.

Steven Shaw - Technical Director, Kin + Carta Connect

Sell more online

Sitecore Commerce allows you to use Sitecore's marketing features in an online shopping environment. XC streamlines the brand activities to ensure that messaging is consistent, optimised and effective. In a cluttered commerce market, XC gives you flexibility to deliver even the most complex shopping requirements, plus custom integrations with payment providers, stock management and inventory systems or ERPs.

Keep you data clean and accurate

xConnect APIs allows third party systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce to interact and enrich or consume your data. The benefit? It makes it easier to keep your customer data up-to-date, accurate and relevant and is one step closer to that single-customer-view!

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