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The DTC investment opportunity


Evaluating the opportunity

The start of the pandemic drove an unprecedented level of spending directly with brands and migration online has only continued to accelerate, bringing renewed investment focus to this business model.

Digitally-mature, multi-channel retailers have been best placed to minimize exposure to (or sometimes benefit from) the dystopian shift in everyday life. For other brands and manufacturers, the shutdown of physical retail and the de-prioritization of fulfillment of non-essential products by retail partners has meant an acceleration of plans to launch a direct to consumer (DTC) offer.

For investors, understanding the relative importance of an effective DTC strategy across sectors and the potential growth that can be unlocked through targeted investment in digital capabilities is more critical than ever before.

"The DTC investment opportunity" whitepaper cover

The DTC investment opportunity

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  • The shift to DTC across market segments and what this means for the future
  • The DTC models and success criteria
  • How valuations of DTC businesses have changed over time
  • The KPIs that matter when evaluating eCommerce performance
  • How to establish a DTC investment thesis
  • The targeted technology investments that can transform performance
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The DTC investment opportunity

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