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Decisions that matter

Progress without a playbook

Kin + Carta

Making decisions possible when predictions aren't.

We all find ourselves in a new watershed moment. As the world scrambles to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are facing decisions that would have been unrecognizable just months ago. Decisions about what to change, where to begin and which metrics matter most.

Webinar Series

Our team of experts across the Connective shared their insights and perspectives towards setting up your business for the new normal in a series of virtual briefings. If you were not able to attend, we encourage you to watch the recordings.

The B2B to DTC Pivot: Launching an eCommerce channel in 12 weeks

With a focus on customer experience design, platform resilience, and rapid iteration, our experts will show you how to pivot, build, and launch a new direct-to-consumer platform in 90 days.

Watch the recording

The Impossible Puzzle: Overcoming Supply Chain Uncertainty through S&OP + Cloud-native analytics

Our leads from enterprise planning and data strategy will explain how pairing data-driven S&OP processes with Cloud-native data analytics is critical to bringing a modernized, efficient supply chain into focus.

Watch the recording

Insight you can use.
Change you can control.

Today, whether you're managing through turmoil or working overtime to keep up with peak levels of demand, the entire Kin + Carta organization stands with you in these critical moments. From Agile strategy and remote working best practices to fast deployment of emerging technology like conversational user experience to field inbound COVID-related calls.

We're creating, gathering and sharing the following resources to help you navigate your next steps forward. Please stay connected, send us feedback, and let us know how we can better serve you and your business.

Agile Strategy: From Setting Direction to Managing Direction

At its core, the mentality this moment calls for should be familiar: expect changes, work towards short, frequent bursts of progress, collaborate across teams, keep people motivated, stay connected, learn, adjust constantly and measure what matters. Agile Strategy sets a clear framework for how to take action, especially when it’s easy to feel stuck.

Read more on how to adapt to a crisis using Agile strategy

Decision Intelligence: Better, Faster and Fewer Decisions

Decision Intelligence is about turning information into action at critical moments of truth. Efficiently capturing and analyzing data has become more important than ever as we seek to better understand the crisis, forecast potential outcomes, and adapt quickly.

Read more about liberating data to help your business today

Platform Resilience: Putting Foundations to the Test

The speed and adaptability of your business are being tested. Building a modernized foundation of people, process and technology has never been more critical. Start with clear actionable steps, including simple ways to make progress without disrupting legacy systems.

Discover solutions towards modernizing your key systems

Data Visualization: Turning Information into Understanding

“Flatten the curve” has represented not just a critical mandate in battling COVID-19, but a powerful reminder of why effective data visualization is so important.

Read more how to make data as clear and actionable as possible

Customer Engagement: Meeting Customers on Their Terms

The demand for new business models means products and experiences must be delivered in faster turnarounds than ever before. Adjusting to the unknown starts with validating opportunities and iterating quickly.

Read more about why digital self-service is becoming the new normal

Working Better: Closing the Gap on Culture

How do teams stay engaged? How do you maintain a pulse on your employees well-being in an all-digital world? What new innovations and improvements to our working world might arise from these new constraints? Directly from our 1,600 Kin around the globe, here’s our perspective on our new working world.

Download our WFH Best Practices Guide Download our Remote Leadership Guide

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