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CIO Roundtable Event

Reimagining CDP in a cookieless world

03 February 2022

4:30-6:00 PM CT


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Bridging the gap between the CIO and CMO

Have you been relying on 3rd party data to better understand your customers?

As Google phases out third-party (3P) cookies in Chrome and Apple removes access to device identifiers, it's becoming increasingly difficult for you and your teams to continue to know your customers, understand their pain points, and create products that directly address their needs.

Let alone improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty and retention.

A zero-party and first-party data strategy is an answer to these challenges. But obtaining information directly from the consumer is a difficulty in itself. What data should you collect, how do you collect it and why should people give it to you?

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Join host Mark Ardito and co-host Greg Kihlström, CX, EX & Digital Transformation, Coach, & Best-selling Author, for a discussion around successfully collecting first-party data and the strategic thinking it requires.

You will gain insights on:

  • Developing a customer 360 data strategy

  • Managing data acquisition and activation

  • Developing a Direct to Consumer (D2C) model

  • Experimenting with digital capabilities that help grow your relationship with your customers, increasing loyalty and advocacy

  • Design personalized customer experiences and per with a data-driven edge

  • Gain intimate knowledge of your customers and invaluable insights to drive your innovation strategy

Above all, remember that your customers are much more likely to willingly share their data when they get a better shopping experience in return.

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Cookies & cocktails

The removal of cookies online thankfully does not relate to cookies in real life. All registrants will receive a kit complete with big, crunchy, chocolate-loaded cookies by Love You Cookie™ and a mini craft cocktail syrup set to create a delicious drink of your choosing—just add a shot of the hard stuff and stir!

Cocktail and cookie kit


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To ensure the roundtable is a productive and impactful discussion, this event is intended for CIOs, CMOs, CTOs, and SVPs. We will review your registration information and send a calendar invitation over shortly if you meet the criteria.

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