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Women in tech having discussion

Women’s CIO Roundtable Event

Enrich your business with data democratization

05 August 2021

4:30 PM CT

Google Meet

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Not another "women in tech" event

In today's business world, data is being collected in abundance from a multitude of sources. While leaders and CIO's know that tapping into this data is critical to personalize the customer experience, inform business decision-making, streamline operations, mitigate risks, and enhance security, it can be time-consuming and complex to access and make sense of it all.

Join us Thursday, August 5th for a women’s roundtable discussion that’s not like other “women in tech” events. Instead of focusing on things we're often told we can’t do, let's focus on the things we will do.

Event Details

Together, we’ll sit down with Kelly Manthey, Group Chief Executive of Kin + Carta Americas, and Darlene Newman, Digital Transformation and Innovation Executive at Kin + Carta, and Shaena Heintz, Director, Google Cloud at Google, to bring our unique perspectives on data democratization and the future of data to the table.

We’ll dig into how a utopia of data visibility can be created with solutions such as data marketplaces or a customer data platform, and discuss ways in which organizations like yours can start to pull data from multiple sources, while cleaning and combining to create a single source of truth, today.

What you'll gain:

  • Meeting and networking with other women IT leaders in the space.
  • Learnings on how to position your organization to be insights-driven.
  • Mapping out business-orientated questions to datasets and tools required to obtain insights that can inform decisions.
  • Understanding the role of data cataloging and defining how you will trust, see, and use data.
  • Insights on the process of pulling data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth

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At home floral arrangement kit

To celebrate an incredible group of talented women we will be sending all registrants a flower box kit to create a personalized floral arrangement that can be enjoyed at home or in an office. The kit will include 55 stems of fresh flowers, 1 vase, an arrangement technique guide, and care instructions.

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During our summer roundtable events, to support working parents, we will be offering the option to redeem a monthly subscription for live classes in art, music, science, mindfulness, and more. Not only will this entertain your kids during the time of the event but it will keep them learning and engaged all month long.



To ensure the roundtable is a productive and impactful discussion, this event is intended for those who identify as women CIOs, CTOs, and SVPs. We will review your registration information and send a calendar invitation over shortly if you meet the criteria.

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