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CIO Roundtable Event

Data-as-a-Product: Why now is the time to think differently

28 October 2021

8:00-9:30 AM CT


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Power your Data Mesh with Data-as-a-Product

Executives in every industry are facing the headache-inducing business problem we call The Great Data Tension: the potential energy stored within data has been growing for years, but prescriptive issues with people, processes, and technology are keeping it locked away and rendering it redundant.

A product-focused way of thinking can change everything. By treating data as a product and making it available to anyone with a specific problem to solve, you unlock the same set of tools that product owners use to bring teams together.

Building data-centric products isn't confined to one-off projects anymore; it can become an iterative process of building and improving models that help you maximize your impact and achieve your vision.

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This way of working isn’t built overnight, of course. It’s the objective of a maturity model that’s naturally different for every organization—a model that begins with data silos and solutions and helps a business mature into Data-as-a-Product (DaaP) thinking that mirrors the performance of the most agile of digital natives.

Join host Mark Ardito and co-hosts Karl Hampson, CTO of Data & AI, and Rob Wadsworth, Director of Enterprise Data at Kin + Carta, for a discussion around how to achieve this new model, which allows you to manage, evolve, and direct your data based on real human needs and feedback.

You will gain insights on:

  • Why now is the time to start thinking differently about data.
  • The key elements of product thinking and how to enable it for data.
  • What a Data-as-a-Product mindset entails and how to embrace it.
  • The four stages of the Data-as-a-Product proposition model for businesses on a journey towards data maturity.
  • Powering your Data Mesh with Data-as-a-product, the four cornerstones of Data-as-a-product architecture.

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