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Helping to create a new paradigm in wellness

TAO Wellness

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  • Category: Mobile and Web Development UX Research and Design Sports Modern Software Engineering

TAO Wellness provides individuals with a simple, effective, and motivating way to enhance fitness and wellness – anywhere, anytime.

The challenge

TAO Wellness, a pioneering startup, sought a partner to create the mobile software that would seamlessly complement their product. Moreover, they required an extended team that could not only execute technical tasks but also contribute to shaping the user experience and interface of the TAO Wellness mobile app.

We've worked with this team for 2 years, through which they have shown all the qualities a startup can look for in a long-term partner: quality delivered consistently and within deadline, relevant and actionable feedback to our ideas, and the right attitude. The team is not only friendly and cooperative but also deeply involved in our project - the kind of personal approach that is so hard to find in working with a remote dedicated team.

Philo Northrup - President & Co-Founder, TAO Wellness

The strategy

To accommodate the ever-evolving project scope, we embraced the agile methodology, a flexible and efficient approach suited to our combined teams. Central to the software was the challenge of developing and optimizing the engine that rendered intricate 3D graphics for isometric exercises. In the final project stage, our focus shifted to refining the user experience and interface (UX & UI) while ensuring the app's intuitiveness amid its vast feature set.

The outcome

TAO WellShell emerged as a media sensation after its reveal as a Best of CES Awards Finalist. The app's transformation was widely acclaimed by major tech websites like CNET, Mashable, and The Verge. It garnered the coveted spotlight, positioning TAO Wellness as a pioneer in the field of wellness technology. The collaboration exemplified a startup's ideal partnership: consistent quality, adherence to deadlines, actionable feedback, and a shared vision.

In summary, our collaboration with TAO Wellness transcended expectations, elevating their device from obscurity to recognition, thanks to strategic execution and user-focused design.

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