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MACH for Everyone: An Everyday Guide to Composable Technology


See how organizations use MACH to win faster

Momentum around MACH is undeniable. Large enterprise-grade businesses across a broad mix of verticals are seeing the value of a MACH ecosystem and have embarked towards a composable architecture.

"MACH for Everyone" is a practical and informative guide for business stakeholders who are developing brand-new digital products and would like to know more about the impacts and outcomes of MACH from a holistic perspective as it pertains to people, process and technology.

Key takeaways

Defining the MACH Opportunity

What MACH technology is and how it fits into the overall story of digital experience development

Practical Business Results of MACH

How MACH makes it possible to craft experiences and delivery in a modern way, resulting in tangible business outcomes

MACH Ecosystem Maps

MACH ecosystem maps to help define best-in-class configurations of MACH tools across content, commerce, search, personalization and other lenses

Assessing MACH Readiness and Maturity Models

How to assess the readiness of your organization to implement MACH projects, products and programs

How to get started with MACH technology

An in-depth look at how to get started with MACH technology, from POC/MVP builds, to larger projects, programs and eventually, Centers of Excellence that serve the entirety of an organization

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