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Data as a Product

Start your data maturity journey

We understand you’re probably swimming in data? But what do you do with it? Does it just sit there or is it being used to power growth and create new possibilities? Strategic initiatives are proven to deliver value faster and more effectively with organised data. Data fluency across organisations opens up so many opportunities – a new dimension of decision intelligence and effective digital experiences.

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Data as a product can be owned, traced, measured and optimised

At Kin + Carta, we understand how putting a product lens on data changes the game for our clients. Companies that open up their data flows are unleashing untapped potential that helps strategically build better platforms. It’s an approach that requires a shift in mindset and the experience to turn numbers into actionable insights. But working together we can turn this potential into profit. 

Our Data whitepaper From Storage to Story explores the importance of data and how you can deliver huge value through unlocking the power of Data. 

Where are you on your data journey?

Are you truly utilising the power of data in your organisation? Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you create bespoke data solutions that decode your businesses data, enabling it to offer insight and create outcomes that drive revenue.

1. Awareness

You know there is a need for more data transparency and understanding across the business. However, data is currently dispersed, managed by different departments and not being converted into advantage.

2. Ready to transform

You have a way to capture data but no processes to organise and action it across operations.

3. Enhancement

There is a strong foundation of data-driven decision making but areas where you could optimise further.

4. The next level

A data-first approach across the business makes you question where to go next.

Our approach to data

The secret to the results and innovative solutions we produce is in the combination of data using strategy, product excellence and the right delivery methods. This approach to data is slightly different to others, here is more information on the principles we apply to data projects.

A hub of data-related innovation and expertise

Our data teams are embedded into all consulting and engineering services to ensure data is an integrated aspect of every project.

A unique heritage

We have decades of experience in strategy, product and building experiences. Applying this native data mindset allows us to create products and platforms that make your organisation work better.

Making everyone a data expert

We don’t want to become a third party data agency, but always aim to create platforms and a data-driven culture. Our team has been evolved to support data-centric initiatives and upskill organisations in data fluency.

A truster partner to unlock your data 

Every data challenge is unique. And each requires organisation-specific understanding, business and cultural context and engineering innovation to structure outcome-focused initiatives. Kin + Carta has a long history of delivering strategic outcomes and return on investment for our clients.
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