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Once a Kin, always a Kin

Alumni Network

A community of change makers

As an alum of Kin + Carta, you are a part of a community of individuals who have pushed the bounds of today’s technologies, helped transform businesses through applications of digital, created space to explore and challenge innovative thinking, and probably had a lot of fun along the way.

You may have worked for Kin + Carta, or one of it’s legacy brands, and it may have been two, five, or twenty years ago. No matter where or when, we will always consider you a member of our “Kin” — a global (& growing!) community of change makers. 

That’s why we’re inviting you to join our Kin + Carta Alumni Network. Through this, you’ll be connected with current and former Kin + Carta employees through way of bi-monthly email communications, curated content, program and event invitations, and access to our exclusive insights. Opt-in and join your Alumni Network today.

Our alumni change the world.

J Schwan, CEO

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