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Once a Kin, always a Kin

Alumni Network

A community of change makers

As an alum of Kin + Carta, you are a part of a community of individuals who have pushed the bounds of today’s technologies, helped transform businesses through applications of digital, created space to explore and challenge innovative thinking, and probably had a lot of fun along the way.

Four people sitting at a table collaborating on laptops

Our commitment, your opportunity

We invite you to join your Alumni Network. Our mission is to create a space for you to not only stay connected with Kin + Carta, but also for you to make connections, to give you an outlet to share your craft and your personal wins, and to develop yourself along the way.

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I love seeing our Kin grow, and that includes watching those that have taken what they learned during their time working with Kin + Carta and seeing them apply that experience to their next adventure. We’ve launched entrepreneurs, career changers, and even folks who have come back to work for us with a new foundation to grow from.

Kelly Manthey, Global Chief Executive Officer

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