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Kin + Carta Endorsed by Google Cloud for MLOps and ML APIs Expertise

Kin + Carta Endorsed by Google Cloud for MLOps and ML APIs Expertise

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), there’s nothing artificial about our know-how. In fact, Google Cloud recently recognized Kin + Carta with MLOps Expertise and ML APIs Expertise - validation reserved for its partners that have demonstrated customer success across specific Google Cloud products and industries.

Kin + Carta’s Google Cloud practice includes 60+ Google Cloud certified engineers, three specializations and more than 20 areas of expertise, with MLOps and ML APIs being the most recent. Our work with Google Cloud consists of solution delivery ranging from AI/ML to application development & modernization, smart analytics & data modernization, marketing analytics, managed services and more.

Google Cloud MLOps Expertise

Kin + Carta has proven success in the creation and deployment of production-grade AI models and the operationalization and testing of end-to-end solutions. Our skills encompass infrastructure, DevOps, data engineering and ML.

For example, our 5-week Vertex AI Launchpad takes clients through a key use-case to demonstrate MLOps practices with tangible improvements for long-term impact. The framework comprises four Vertex AI modules to help continuously deliver new capabilities.

Outcomes include a roadmap and knowledge transfer for sustainable productionalization of MLOps Level 1 + 2 capabilities.

Google Cloud ML APIs Expertise

This recognition acknowledges Kin + Carta’s capabilities in these areas: Cloud AutoML / AutoML, Tables Cloud Natural Language API, Cloud Jobs API, Cloud Translation API, Cloud TPU, Cloud Video Intelligence API, Cloud Vision API, Places API, Cloud Speech-to-Text API, Cloud ML Engine, TensorFlow, Dialogflow.

Take our Conversational AI solution, built with Dialogflow and automated natural language understanding (NLU) technology via Google CCAI. Contact centers are faced with rising customer expectations, labor shortages and unprecedented agent turnover, yet they must deliver efficient and personalized interactions.

With virtual agents implemented by Kin + Carta, organizations can engage customers across multiple channels, scale to align with demand, customize to deliver personalization and free up human agents for higher-level interactions.

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