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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Awareness


We exist to make the world work better.

Because the world doesn’t work the same for everyone. For some it’s a world of routine yet often overlooked forces of bias, judgment and oppression. For others it’s a world of privilege, advantage, and opportunity.

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Creating a safe space for everyone

At Kin + Carta, we exist to make the world work better for everyone through our commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness. As part of our goal to become a true triple bottom line and socially responsible business, we pledge to seek out diverse perspectives, celebrate differences, and build a culture where everyone is empowered to bring their authentic self to work. We believe in using our platform and resources to break down structural inequality. We vow to be a force for good both within the Connective and throughout our local communities.

Where we’re at

11% Black, Asian, Latinx and other minorities
68% of employees of colour are satisfied working at Kin + Carta
98% Gender pay equity achieved

Guiding ambitions

We will know we have succeeded when:

  • Our teams are as diverse as the population in the regions we operate in
  • People are paid equitably for equal work
  • Employees feel as if they can bring their authentic selves to work
  • IDEA is a sustainable and ingrained part of how we do business
  • We are IDEA leaders in the technology community

Download Kin + Carta's Full Action Plan

In their words: What IDEA means @Kin + Carta

Putting IDEA into action

We are making our newly developed policies and references to the external resources we’ve used, freely available to everyone. Our specific aim is to offer this framework to other smaller consultancies and agencies that may not have the resources to develop these assets on their own. We will keep this framework updated as we progress on our own journey. The toolkit includes:

  • Sample IDEA strategy action plan
  • Sample IDEA strategy workshop facilitation plan
  • Sample board diversity policy
  • IDEA strategy creation timeline
  • External resources used to help organise and form our IDEA Strategy

Download IDEA Toolkit

IDEA Toolkit

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Staying connected to the cause

Circles and committees are employee-led groups that work to create more awareness and advocacy in different areas. They play a huge role in Kin + Carta’s diversity initiatives and were key contributors to IDEA.

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