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IBM automation to determine next best action

Tesco Bank

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Improve data latency

  • Category: Data and Analytics Financial Services

With headquarters in Edinburgh, Tesco Bank was initially formed as part of a 50/50 venture between The Royal Bank of Scotland and Tesco, but has been wholly owned by the supermarket giant since 2008. 

Delayed by data

Tesco Bank’s data and insight team who support the company’s marketing activity were hampered by a data latency of up to 10 days, which meant they couldn’t react quickly, produce actionable insight or trigger daily campaigns.

Data powered decisions

Using our inhouse customer data platform, we built a robust, low-latency, single view of customer activity. We also harnessed the power of IBM Automation to automatically execute ‘next best action’ decision making. This helped to increase the relevancy and frequency of customer communications without worrying about contact fatigue and conflicting marketing messages.

The results

Data latency was reduced from 10 days to just 1 day, enabling Tesco Bank to dramatically improve the volume and timeliness of campaigns.

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