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Experimentation with Kin + Carta

Experimentation Partner of the Year with Optimizely

Why are we different?

Kin + Carta unlocks the true potential of your online customer experience through advanced Experimentation and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) services.

Whether it's selecting a new testing technology, running an A/B testing programme or the desire to become more experimentation and validation led as a business, we can help make your world work better.

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Our services

Experimentation technology selection

We can help you move forward with a technology that completely fits your needs. We’ll help advance the decision away from features and price but instead look at evaluating against a variety of business metrics, using our bespoke scoring methodology.

Advanced Experimentation Programmes

A staple of our offering. Our programmes deliver best in class strategy, insights, development and release support for your business.

Deep user behaviour analysis

We can provide you and your business with the insights you have always wanted. Whether that's how visitors are moving through your purchase flow to how they are feeling and thinking at core decision points, layering in psychological behaviour principles.

Experimentation training

If you have a desire to make your business more data and experiment driven, we can help. Deciding what team shape to embed, what skills are required, how to develop a culture are all big questions that we commonly help businesses answer.

Rapid prototyping

Wanting to release a new product to market? We can help you get there through focused sprint based experimentation activity to validate and ensure the product is released without risk.

Experimentation support services

Need a partner who can ensure your experiments are built, analysed and rolled out into the business at pace? Our delivery support team can help.

Clients who have benefited from our Experimentation services

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Working with Kin + Carta to embed Experimentation activity within our business has been a real success. Their passion and experience when it comes to improving the customer experience through AB testing has been infectious.

Web Product Manager - LNER
Kin and Carta's Experimentation outcomes: improved customer journeys, deeper understanding, smarter marketing spend, the right mix of expertise, and increased longevity.

Kin + Carta's work has exemplified our 'Kaizen' approach to continuous improvement. Using data and A/B testing, the incremental changes made, whether big or small, have always added up to real enhancements to the user experience, and profitable results for our business.

Brand & Marketing Communication - Lexus

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We would love to offer you a free 30 minute chat around your ambitions for experimentation to identify where we might be able to help.

Want to talk to one of our Experimentation experts?

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