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Azure OpenAI Opportunity Assessment

2-week engagement

Identify opportunities for Azure OpenAI

Generative AI, and specifically the industrial uses of technologies like chatGPT and Azure OpenAI are the fastest-growing conversations among business leaders today. As technology has become more accessible to myriad workflows, demand is growing for commercial solutions to deliver on the promises of accelerated business through assistive generative technology. 

In this assessment, Kin + Carta will help enterprise customers identify opportunities for OpenAI to achieve core business objectives. This 2 week engagement includes stakeholder interviews, synthesis and assessment, culminating in a half day executive workshop to align on goals and develop a near-term roadmap for value capture, in the context of long-term cloud strategy.

Learn how to use Azure OpenAI for maximum business impact

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  • Generative AI: Separation of hype from value-driving application.
  • Strategy for Human in the Loop (HITL) design to accelerate known business opportunities.
  • Identification of new opportunities for automation and acceleration leveraging Azure OpenAI and the Azure cloud ecosystem of products.
  • Changes in the competitive landscape based on “rule changes” enabled through generative AI.
  • Briefing of the Microsoft Roadmap and OpenAI; integration into Power Platform, Dynamics, Azure and the CDM. Prioritization of projects based on estimated value generated.


Kin + Carta will deliver an opportunity generative AI roadmap for implementation tied to business KPIs and complete a multivariate assessment along key measures of business performance.


  • Generative AI overview briefing, including state-of-world summary and Azure OpenAI briefing
  • Stakeholder interviews: understand & prioritize generative AI Opportunities
  • Identify business challenges, opportunities & scenarios


  • Work collaboratively to complete assessment. This exercise will help visualize key areas of opportunity.
  • Support development of current thinking within the organization by benchmarking current knowledge around trends & practices.
  • Map initiatives & opportunities that may impact your sustainability targets.
  • Half-day executive workshop to report out and iterate near-term generative AI strategy and roadmap.


  • OpenAI Assessment
  • Executive data strategic opportunity recommendations and roadmap.
  • Including a fully estimated POV for the highest value application recommendation.

Learn how to use Azure OpenAI for maximum business impact

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