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AI in Customer Service? Dig into what’s possible in a 20 minute tech talk.

AI Accelerator Discovery Call

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The challenge

The impersonal nature of poorly deployed customer-facing technologies are causing frustration for many consumers. When it comes to service interactions, customers crave the human touch. In fact, recent research suggests that two-thirds of consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of the customer experience.

These limitations are hurting more than customers’ feelings. For businesses, this can bring about damaging consequences such as:

  • Poor stock performance
  • High customer churn
  • Erosion of brand trust

How can your organization use artificial intelligence to inject emotional intelligence into the customer experience, yet still deliver service in a fast, efficient way?

Our Solution:

A no-cost, 20-minute tech talk with a data engineer or data scientist.

At Kin + Carta, our data experts are eager to talk through your ideas and answer questions about how AI can improve your organization’s customer experience delivery. We’re well-versed in technologies like chatbots, contact center AI, AI-powered agents, augmented reality shopping, generative AI, product discovery and more.

Phases of engagement

During this initial call, we will explore your ideas and current challenges, and determine if our AI Accelerator - outlined below - is a practical way to move your big ideas into value.

Our AI Accelerator is a prescriptive approach to AI technology innovation.

Phases of engagement