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Episerver x Optimizely - there's no experience without experimentation

Episerver rebranding to Optimizely

Having worked together over the last 18 years we’re really excited to share the news that over the next few months Episerver will be combining their existing products and solutions under a renewed Optimizely brand.

As Gold partners working across dozens of projects with clients like The EFL, LNER, Farrow & Ball and NSPCC, we have seen the platform continually evolve and continue to deliver against our clients’ ever-changing digital needs.

With customer expectations more demanding than ever, the focus on digital experience, simplicity of service and the ability to deliver at speed has enabled our clients to deliver the sophisticated experiences their clients demand of them.

Already a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms, the introduction of Optimizely has created a Digital Experience Platform that is fully integrated and modular, so it can empower customers and help deliver the results you need wherever you are on your digital journey. 

Episerver cloud platform in a diagram

Creating intelligent experiences

A key ambition for any customer-centric business in 2021 should be to deliver intelligent customer experiences that are empathetic and drive value at each stage of the journey.

The combination of Episerver AI-driven personalisation capabilities and Optimizely’s advanced experimentation features means this ambition can now be realised efficiently and at scale.

We are delighted to be a lead partner with Episerver and, with the combination of our technical expertise and industry-recognised Data Driven Optimisation services, excited to see the additional value we can bring to our customers and prospects throughout 2021 as they transition to Optimizely. 

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