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Ethical Business As Usual

Commit to meaningful change

As people and the planet bear the strain of our choices and actions, the responsibilities of governments, companies and individuals come into ever sharper relief. It is clear that business must and is changing, to reflect new needs and desires in an age of climate change and renewed focus on ethical trading. In particular, at this time of crisis, there is an opportunity to take stock of current business models, consider in more depth our impact, and build back better as we emerge from this period.

With a focus on meeting all stakeholder demands, embedding new sustainable practices, and using technology to enable and track progress, many companies can and will adopt more responsible business models. This will result in those forward-looking businesses having a positive impact on society and the environment, as well as their bottom line.

Explore how and why this is happening in our ethical business white paper, written in collaboration with the Future Business Partnership, a pan-European impact investment firm who provide ethically-aligned capital to sustainable consumer brands and their suppliers, scaling profits and boosting social and environmental impact.