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Ashling Partners

Kin + Carta and Ashling Partners Announce Strategic Partnership

Global consulting firm Kin + Carta, and intelligent automation firm Ashling Partners announced a strategic partnership at Digital Innovation Summit, FWD20.

Kin + Carta and Ashling Partners are partnering to provide a new offering called 3E Automation. The 3E stands for Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Experience. 

The current environment has exposed just how manual our society remains. As we continue to rebuild our world with contactless interactions becoming the norm, and distributed workforces becoming the rule rather than the exception, the areas of automation and digitalization have become a top priority for virtually every major firm.

Ryan Maguire - CTO, Kin + Carta

Kin + Carta has core strategies in human-centered design and the applications of computer visioning and natural language technologies to address wide-ranging challenges from predictive yield management in agriculture to call center automation. Ashling Partners has core strengths in business process consulting and robotic processes automation.

By combining the firms' respective strengths, the 3E Automation offering can eliminate virtually any inefficient, manual, or analog process that exists either inside an enterprise or as part of an externally-facing customer or client experience.

Organizations were already looking for ways to create more value for themselves and their customers by leveraging process improvement techniques, automation, and advanced technologies within AI. The current situation has only magnified the need to do more with less, and focus on value creation and delivering on business outcomes. Driving a more frictionless experience across customers, employees, and suppliers has never been more critical. This strategic partnership is designed to help organizations act quickly and with scale in mind.

Marshall Sied - Co-founder, Ashling Partners

We view this combined offering as a highly-skilled "strikeforce." With the ability to offer both immediate and scaled value, we can drop a team of process experts, designers, and engineering into the organization to identify, redesign, and rebuild a more effective experience for employees and customers alike.

Ryan Maguire - CTO, Kin + Carta.