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Kin + Carta launches an Integrated Commerce Accelerator, a tool to modernize storefronts and data foundations in Google Cloud

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The new accelerator, launched under Google Cloud’s Industry Value Network, helps clients unlock value and improve customer experience in as little as 6 weeks

February 21st, 2024, CHICAGO: Global digital transformation consultancy Kin + Carta today announced the launch of an Integrated Commerce Accelerator, designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of a modern composable commerce platform on Google Cloud and facilitate client data analysis in Google Cloud’s BigQuery. The solution accelerates client time to value to a matter of weeks.

The launch of this accelerator is part of the Integrated Commerce Network (ICN) from Kin + Carta and built on Google Cloud. The Integrated Commerce Network brings together a curated group of highly skilled digital commerce partners that streamline digital transformation across commerce, marketing, and customer experience. The accelerator is the first integrated partner solution for commerce modernization included in Google Cloud’s Industry Value Network.

Created to help clients modernize their commerce operations by decoupling the front and back ends of their tech stack in a fully packaged, yet integrated manner, the accelerator allows businesses to upgrade their legacy commerce systems, personalize experiences for the modern consumer, and seamlessly integrate with Google Cloud’s suite of services - allowing clients to better understand customer propensity to buy, deliver pricing optimizations, personalized search experiences, avoid customer churn, and tune marketing campaigns in real time.

Built in partnership with Bloomreach, commercetools, and Quantum Metric, the Integrated Commerce Accelerator brings together data from each software vendor on Google Cloud’s BigQuery, leading to new and innovative insights that ultimately enhance the customer experience.
E-commerce is an incredibly competitive industry. Businesses that operate in this arena need to be equipped with the very best tools and insights in order to compete.

Our approach to enabling Integrated Commerce allows our clients to modernize and transform with flexibility and choice, fully integrating with their existing investments into best-in-breed software vendors like commercetools, Bloomreach, and Quantum Metric. With our technical accelerator, insights can be generated faster, implementation is smoother, and client time to value is reduced.

Through enabling our clients to combine their data with a powerful and future-proof composable platform, we believe they can create an Intelligent Experience for their consumers and customers. The result is customer personalization, which unlocks greater loyalty and customer advocacy, and ultimately increased profitability.
Robbie Clews, Senior Director, Kin + Carta
We have a long track record of helping our clients implement modern commerce solutions with Google Cloud. Yet this is a journey of modernization, not a one-and-done exercise. We will continue to help our customers navigate through tech anxiety, embrace new Generative AI capabilities from Google Cloud, and build on the data foundations that this accelerator enables.
Ed Rees, Director, Kin + Carta
We’re excited to expand our work with partners like Kin + Carta through the Industry Value Network initiative. Bringing together expert services, technology, and cloud infrastructure gives retailers an opportunity to more quickly modernize and create value with data, Google Cloud, and partner technology.
Pallab Deb, Managing Director, Solution SIs & Industry Value Networks, Google Cloud

In future phases, Kin + Carta plans to extend the functionality of the Integrated Commerce Accelerator to enable businesses to choose a custom path based on any existing software choices, aligned to their respective needs, without having to worry about the underlying connectivity, reducing tech overhead.

For more information on the Integrated Commerce Accelerator, please visit the Kin + Carta website.

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