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Scaling your data transformation

Data Resurfacing

Data is evolving at a rate faster than ever before, with many organizations struggling to unlock the power of their data and create a data-driven culture. Whether you are starting out on your data journey, or you’re in the throes of your data transformation, or you’re intrigued about what conversational UX and ChatGPT can do for you, we have the tips that will help you unlock your organization's value.

New to data transformation? Check out this video of Kin + Carta’s data perspective

Data transformation topics

We’ve divided our recent thoughts on data into 4 key categories. Click on the category you’re most interested in, or scroll for a list of all our latest and greatest thinking on data and AI trends.

Data strategy, data governance & data maturity

Gaining the most value from your data requires an enterprise-specific data strategy that aligns with business goals. Our insights are based on our collaborations with clients who have partnered with us to put the right strategies in place. Helping you define the people, processes, and technology necessary to achieve better business outcomes begins with mapping out a data strategy.

Data Strategy: Building the right thing the right way

9 answers to all your big data governance questions

Data Maturity: The 4 stages of becoming a data driven organization


Understanding how to become a data-driven organization starts with uncovering what your data holds. Intelligent and personalized customer experiences, real-time employee decision-making, and predictive and automated business operations are all results of uncovering what’s hidden in your data, and applying data-as-a-product thinking across all teams can help reduce time to insights and make fewer, faster, and better decisions. Discover more of Kin + Carta’s pragmatic and iterative approach to DaaP mindset.

How to adopt a Data-as-a-Product mindset

Delivering new value by unlocking the power of data

Data-as-a-Product: Unlock the the energy in your data

Think differently about data: 5 steps to enable Data-as-a-Product thinking

3 signs your data is trapped in silos

ChatGPT and conversational UX

We’d be remiss if we didn’t share our thoughts surrounding the conversational AI topic that is ChatGPT. While it undoubtedly has the potential to disrupt industries and change the ways of the world, it should be approached with full awareness. Earlier innovations in AI lead the way for ChatGPT to be built, and with new approaches on the horizon we are coming even closer to achieving ‘human-like’ outcomes.

ChatGPT: Goodbye, busywork (well, most of it)

Building blocks of conversational AI

Improving customer experience through personalized voice and chat bots

Do you really have a strategy for automating your call center?

We walk the talk

The latest and greatest on data and AI trends doesn’t stop at our thinking, we’ve helped some of the world’s largest brands drive customer acquisition, retention and loyalty while enhancing data enabled decision making and operational efficiency. Our differentiated approach will change your organizational relationship with data.

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