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3 steps to create more intelligent digital experiences in 2023

Heather Ryan
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Welcome to the age of intelligence, where data plays a crucial role in defining the times we live in.

With every online interaction, we leave behind a record of our preferences, which can be used to better understand the people who engage with our digital platforms. Leading brands are taking advantage of this information to drive innovation and growth, enhancing their digital experiences and shaping the expectations of their customers.

Are you ready to join this new era of intelligence and harness its power to your advantage?


The bar has been raised

Think about the digital interactions your customers experience daily. Every seamless, personalised experience from big players like Google, Netflix, and Amazon continue to raise your user’s expectations of digital platforms. Your competition is no longer just within your industry, and if you don't keep up, you risk falling behind.

Becoming more intelligent is the only way to earn a customer's loyalty and this isn't going unnoticed by business leaders. In a recent survey conducted at an event co-hosted with Google, we asked top executives about their priorities for the next 12-24 months. Building a single view of the customer (57%) and getting the most out of data (54%) came out on top as core focuses to enable business growth. These priorities reflect a shift in digital strategies towards investment in data and being more intelligent with the information you've already got.

But in a world where data is abundant and we move continuously from one interaction to the next, how do you match a customer’s behaviour with your products and services? Where do you find the highest value and most influential moments? How can you make them frictionless and memorable?

It’s all about unifying the power of experience, technology, and data. At Kin + Carta we call it:

Intelligent Experiences. Powered by data. Better by design.


What makes an experience ‘intelligent’?

Creating Intelligent Experiences is a powerful way for businesses to engage and retain customers in today's digital age. By leveraging the right combination of data, design, and technology, you can create personalised and intuitive journeys that drive value and enhance customer relationships.

Data is the foundation of Intelligent Experiences, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and make informed decisions about how to optimise your digital ecosystem.

Design brings this data to life, creating meaningful connections with customers. Once the data has identified the moments that matter, you can focus on maximising their impact and influence.

Finally, technology plays a crucial role by providing the tools and resources needed to turn data and design into effective, scalable, and sustainable experiences.


Start building your Intelligent Experience in 3 steps

1. Map out your digital estate

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Start with a zoom out. Take an overview of your entire ecosystem and map every touchpoint in the user journey, both online and offline (web, app, in-store, etc). Then start to layer on the backstage: people, operations, platforms, and data.

The result should look like a large blueprint: a mix of a customer journey map and an architecture diagram. It’s only through combining the front stage and back stage in the same view that we can start to see the gaps and make a plan to plug them.

Think about your ambitions for your digital estate. Can your current tech support that evolution? Do you have the skill and capacity to upgrade or migrate? Do you have all the tools you need to measure all your touchpoints or the platforms to collate your data together?

Use this overview to find where you need to lay the foundations before you can deliver the projects that will achieve your goals.


2 . Centralise your insight

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Having mapped your ecosystem, you need to identify your data sources and start building your intelligence hub.

An intelligence hub is a central resource that houses all of your insights. It can be a physical platform like a Customer Data Platform (CDP) or simply an archive/a team that handles this function. This is a necessity for building an Intelligent Experience and facilitating ongoing learning within your entire organisation.

While it's important to capture the right data to ensure an unbiased view of your ecosystem, you don't need to have everything in place before you start. Data is meaningless unless you can transform the information into insights and use it to drive decisions. A good analyst can draw actionable insights from the most basic of quantitative data, so don't delay taking action while you wait for more data.

By combining everything you know about your users across your touchpoints and data sources, you can start to find the main pain points in your journeys. You may even identify a need for a touchpoint that doesn’t currently exist.

Using this data to prioritise the work you deliver will ensure you are using your resources in the areas that will bring you the most value - the ‘moments that matter’ for your customers.


3. Make your moments matter

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Your foundation is set, now it's time to bring it to life.

Having the ecosystem blueprint gives you a holistic view of your potential and whether you are making the most of your technology. Combined with your identified ‘moments that matter’, you have a set of parameters in which to play, giving you the licence to innovate with minimised risk in a space where you may have otherwise seen no potential.

Keeping loyal customers engaged requires emotional intelligence and understanding. Like any good relationship, maintaining a consistent and relevant connection over time is essential. Armed with insights from your intelligence hub, you can align your brand pillars to your customer's needs, expectations, and values. Implementing emotional triggers and offering up relevant content, in the right context, helps to create a memorable brand experience.

It’s only through truly knowing your customers that you can create experiences that resonate with them. These are the experiences that will set you apart from your competitors and turn your customers into advocates.

Don’t get left behind

We are now living in the age of intelligence.

If you want to succeed in today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business environment, you need to go beyond just having a website or app - you need to create the Intelligent Experiences your customers expect and deserve.

So, don’t wait - think big, start small and act fast!

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