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Episerver x Optimizely - there's no experience without experimentation

Episerver's acquisition of Optimizely could supercharge your customer experiences

More choice in the future

As longstanding Gold partners of Episerver with an established optimisation practice, this move is of great interest to Kin + Carta as well as our clients. 

Episerver themselves would admit that their optimisation features could be strengthened and whatever results from this acquisition is likely to provide a powerful alternative to Google’s services in this area as well as Adobe’s Target product. 

You will be able to optimise everything from layouts to logic driving business goals by experimenting and targeting. Customers will be able to run better experiences, get real-time answers and measure the outcomes of every option. It also adds more substance to the advances Episerver are currently making when it comes to headless content and commerce strategies.

As ever, we’ll judge what’s best for our clients on an individual basis but welcome this news and the possibilities it provides.  We’re looking forward to seeing what these two great companies can deliver in the future to help you create platforms that offer the best possible experiences. 

Our specialist Data Driven Optimisation experts have helped some of our biggest clients achieve great results in a short period of time and this new addition to the toolset will provide even more options in the future. 

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