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Migrating to the Cloud in Healthcare

Cloud for Healthcare: The Core of a Connected Ecosystem

What does the Cloud mean for healthcare organisations? This is a question our clients are increasingly asking themselves. Whether spurred on by a merger, channel expansion, or simply the lifecycle stage of the business, transitioning to a cloud-native strategy is more critical than ever before.

As patient-centric organisations, healthcare organisations must embrace the Cloud. If not, they risk being unable to deliver a truly connected healthcare ecosystem to customers, patients and HCPs. Such a key step forward improves innovation and speed-to-market, cost rationalisation of IT expenditures, whilst delivering a more robust and resilient business infrastructure. Understandably, security and compliance measures are critical considerations, and, as such, cloud vendors have established the necessary protection processes.

Dell, in its Companies Growing Faster Report (2019), found that organisations actively using Big Data, Cloud and Mobility were growing 53% faster than laggards. For health organisations seeking to deliver the most impactful products and experiences, the most value-driven place to begin is transitioning to a cloud-native strategy. Beyond simple migration of current systems to the cloud, changing how information is shared and products are improved enables the evolution to a truly connected healthcare ecosystem.

Building effective, connected health experiences isn’t easy, but it’s possible thanks to changes in technology. The competitive environment means this shift is more necessary than ever. First movers will certainly have an advantage.

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