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A Flexible Approach to Agile Webinar: How to Engage & Secure Digital Talent

The way that we think about software design is entirely backward. The more we try to turn it into engineering, algorithmic work, or try to build software factories that are dictated by the process, the more we miss the point about what makes great software work.

More importantly, what enables any software developer to be engaged in the process of creating and to deliver code that changes the way that their customers work or enables what they can do.

Throughout the 55 min webinar, guest Jeffrey Hammond, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester and Gretchen Goodrich, Director of Modernization Network at Kin + Carta Americas discuss what makes great software work. The structures, metrics, and mindsets successful companies have put into place to continue to deliver code quickly and encourage creativity and flexibility among highly sought after developers.

Key Takeaways

The webinar outlines three key takeaways for leaders to pave the way to success:
  • Manage Software Delivery As A Set Of Creative Processes
  • Don’t Fall into the Agile Scaling “Process Trap”
  • Choose Metrics That Create Shared Purpose
A Flexible Approach to Agile: How to Engage & Secure Digital Talent

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