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Kin + Carta Native Cloud Computing Trends for 2019

Every year, cloud-native experts at Kin + Carta track industry and market patterns specific to important technology innovation. We then analyze and project the trends we see forming in the field and outline how they will inform our perspective in the coming year. 

Last year we identified six trends that we defined as emerging within the cloud community. While we saw those trends as early predictions, last year’s cloud-native trends lived up to their billing as projections at the beginning of 2018 yet subsequently matured to wider adopted principles later in the year.

This year is no different. The next set of native cloud computing trends sheds light on key technologies every executive should be paying attention to along with important advances in methodology. Once again, we are excited to share this report, and hope that it either validates the path you are on or inspires another perspective as you weigh your investments in 2019.

Top 6 Cloud-Native Trends

  1. The Mainframe Meets Its Match: How Cloud-Native Slayed the Mighty Giant

  2. Faster, Faster, Faster: The Unquenchable Thirst for Continuous Delivery

  3. Change is Hard: Transforming Old School Developers into Cloud-Native All Stars

  4. Events, Producers, and Consumers, Oh My!: How Event-Driven Architectures Became Essential for App Modernization

  5. Security Stimulus: The Next Driver for Massive Modernization

  6. There’s No Place Like Home: How the Enterprise Data Center is “Back” 


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