Kin + Carta 2019 Digital Transformation Trends Kin Carta 2019 Digital Transformation Trends
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Kin + Carta 2019 Digital Transformation Trends

Our world is now more open and interconnected than ever. It is inescapable, and there’s no going back.

In our annual report, we identify and connect the most impactful and often disparate signals to form the nine digital transformation trends that will most directly impact the enterprise — and society as a whole — in 2019.

2019 Trends Innovation

Engagement Trends

The Unpredictable Persona

In order to survive this world of emboldened consumers and shifting tastes, organizations are keeping their ear closer to the ground and making some calculated bets. 

The Rise of Long Tail Tribes

Expressions of our individuality are colliding with our tribal nature, creating new microsegments united by genetics, beliefs, location, and other variables. Read more

Interdependence Day

Emerging technologies and the acceleration of “network effects” are turning the crowd into a force to be reckoned with. Soon, we won't rely on one another out of convenience, but out of necessity. 

2019 Trends Engagement

Innovation Trends

The World was Flat... Now it's Borderless

The radical embrace of openness, transparency, and service-design thinking that transcends organizational silos will fuel innovation in 2019. 

Seeing the Unseen

Thanks to an emergence of new technologies and the democratization of information, 2019 will be the year of better decision-making in our personal and professional lives alike. Read more.

Addition by Elimination

As consumer appetite for simplicity grows, innovation in 2019 will take aim at wastefulness and inefficiency in relentless pursuit of “less is more.” 

2019 Trends Innovation

Transformation Trends

The Inches of Innovation Add Up

As R&D spending ramps up and emerging technologies proliferate, firms realize that success will be realized through a continuous innovation mind-set.

Firms Go in Search of Growth

Facing tighter employment, less low-hanging fruit, and a potential slowdown, firms go in search of growth with a renewed sense of urgency.

The Hierarchy Gets Taken Down a Peg (or two)

Cracks deepen in traditional hierarchies as firms take a more creative approach to organizational architecture designed to drive better decisions and engagement.

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