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FWD23: Financial Services

Rewind with highlights from FWD23: Financial Services

14 June 2023


Innovation in the everyday: Using data to transform everyday experiences

At FWD23, we explored how organizations can use the power of data and AI to create personal, responsive digital experiences that win new customers, grow loyalty, and rapidly generate ROI in a tough market.

We were joined by data experts and financial services leaders from Santander, Google, Wrisk, Nationwide, and Marqeta, who showcased how data and AI can transform the everyday experiences of colleagues and customers. While our panel discussion enabled us to learn from and share challenges and inspiration with those just setting out on their data transformation journey.

We explored how effective changes can be fueled through building on what you have over budget-stretching, large-scale tech investment. We call this approach innovation in the everyday—solutions that are practical, predictable, and provide growth where and when you need it most.

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A new generation of intelligent experiences is key to the future of the financial services industry. That is what we learned at FWD23, and it is surprisingly straightforward!

Phillip O'Neill - Financial Services Director, Kin + Carta