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Innovation in the Everyday

FWD23 Summit

Harnessing the potential of data and AI at FWD23

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FWD23 brought together senior leaders and digital experts to explore the ways data and AI can overcome obstacles and unlock opportunities. Across three immersive events, we focused on the power of data and AI to generate ROI and meet the challenges of a constantly shifting business landscape.

We uncovered ways organizations can accelerate returns by building on what they have—using data and AI technologies to make systems, logistics, and experiences more intelligent.

Delegates heard from expert speakers, got hands-on with the latest digital tools, and looked at ways data and AI can solve real-world challenges, using technology to unlock meaningful value and practical, predictable growth.

Key takeaways

Couldn’t make it to one of our FWD23 events? Make sure you’re up to speed with the latest insights and takeaways from Chicago, Seattle, and London. As organizations around the globe navigate uncertain business environments, these are three actions you can’t afford to ignore.

Make everyday innovation nonnegotiable

Constant innovation is vital for leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve in unpredictable markets. Focusing on ‘innovation in the everyday’ means building on what you have to enhance experiences and drive value. We’re not talking about big tech investments that stretch your shrinking budget—it’s all about using data and AI to make your systems, logistics, and experiences more intelligent.

Make a smart bet on GenAI

With all the hype around Generative AI, it’s easy to get lost in the noise or to be paralyzed by indecision. A practical approach can help your organization move past the buzz, and the stakes have never been higher. Those who make a smart bet on this technology will come out on top. Focus on identifying how you can apply GenAI to existing use cases to stretch your budget and maximize returns.

Get your data foundations right

At the core of successful data or technology investments is a foundation of trusted, accessible, and governed data. You’ve heard the phrase, ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Without a solid data foundation, you risk making investments that are tough to maintain, don’t generate ROI, and can’t scale with your business. By starting small you can deliver value quickly, proving ROI within weeks instead of months, while experimentation will let you grow from there.

Rewind with highlights from FWD23

Three cities. Three leading industries. Over 130+ amazing delegates. Together, we explored the biggest challenges facing agriculture, retail, and financial services today and the ways data and AI can empower leaders and organizations to deliver fast, meaningful wins that amplify ROI. Want to know more? Dive into our event blogs for a closer look at each of our industry events.

speakers at agriculture fwd23

Agriculture highlights

Kin + Carta brought together agriculture leaders and technology experts to discuss the transformative impact of data and AI innovation on an industry that’s always been at the forefront of innovation.

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Retail highlights

How can retailers empower innovation and keep pace with customer needs? We explored hyper-personalization, the true value of GenAI, and impactful ways to stretch shrinking budgets with senior leaders from across the industry.

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Panelists presenting to audience
Financial Services panel discussion at Forward 23

Financial Services highlights

Financial services is a sector that lives and breathes data, but how can leaders ensure they are delivering personalized customer experiences? We put responsive, intelligent experiences under the microscope in London.

Inspiration and hands-on innovation

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Immersive demos

Our LABS engineers demonstrated how data and AI can respond to real-world business challenges–enabling delegates to try out the latest technologies for themselves.

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Practical advice

Attendees told us that they loved the way our FWD events reflected real-world challenges, focusing on how to achieve impressive value without blowing budgets.

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Growing connections

FWD provided a space for senior leaders to discuss industry challenges and ignite breakthrough ideas while strengthening their network.

The best way to understand the power of data and AI is to experience it hands-on. At FWD, we demonstrated that, by putting you right in front of the tech to fully appreciate how it can bring speed to value, efficiency, and predictability to your everyday business.

Karl Hampson - CTO Data & AI, Kin + Carta, Europe