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Delivering truly personalised treatment for GSK


GSK Virtual Patient Clinic interactive screens

Equipping clinicians with the knowledge and confidence to deliver truly personalised treatment in respiratory diseases

  • Category: Healthcare Digital Transformation

We helped GSK engage and educate clinicians on contemporary treatment approaches in Respiratory diseases that realise the promise of personalised medicine, and optimise treatment outcomes for their patients.

A long-standing strategic partnership

GSK, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, consistently pushes the innovation envelope in the Respiratory space. As well as having a number of Respiratory medicines available globally, their pipeline of Phase II+ medicines looks set to further affirm their support of the Respiratory community.

Interactive monitors for GSK

Challenging the status quo for a more personalised approach

Given the saturation of the Respiratory marketplace, a clear and personalised treatment approach could benefit both patients and HCPs. However, the majority of clinicians were still assessing the needs of their patients based on an outdated approach, and ingrained prescribing habits. This meant they weren’t taking into account a range of new treatments that are available to them; options that would more effectively personalise the treatment approach and offer a better chance to improve outcomes.

TV screen - GSK

Bringing the patient consultation to life

We developed the Virtual Patient Clinic for GSK, an immersive experience that presented clinicians with life-size, interactive Respiratory patients to conduct a consultation with. The clinician had to ask questions, draw conclusions and was posed with nuances and challenges that reflected real-life. Expert opinions and clinical guidelines agreed with or challenged, the clinicians’ thinking. Once the consultation was concluded and a treatment approach defined by the clinicians, the appropriate GSK Respiratory product for that patient’s specific needs was then presented.

A ‘Gold’ award for digital innovation

Users of these innovations at congress remarked on increased engagement, knowledge and understanding as a result. Ease of use, interactivity and interest was key in making this a successful tool to optimise interactions with HCPs and solidify GSK’s leadership position in this space.

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