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Creating market-leading omnichannel customer experiences

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Our clients vision and expertise combined with Kin + Carta’s mobile specialism formed the ideal partnership.

  • Category: Digital Transformation Mobile and Web Development Retail

Kin + Carta worked with the client on a complete rebuild and redesign of its entire web offering whilst also creating a brand new mobile app for one of the largest areas of the business. These developments were part of a long term business plan that achieved 41% uplift in conversions, reduced crash rates and over 8 million of pounds of extra revenue after launch.

The retail company we partnered with has over 1,000 stores, employs over 75,000 people and, serves almost six million customers every year. This means that a revamped web offering that provided market-leading omnichannel customer experiences for the future of the industry was imperative.

Choosing the right partner

The decision to partner with Kin + Carta was driven by three core requirements for our client:

  1. Integrating more than a dozen third-party systems: They needed coordination with efficiency and integration with reusability across the group, so Kin + Carta provided expert architectural recommendations borne out of experience to become a trusted partner.
  2. Offering high standards of delivery: The relationship began through mobile excellence, but it evolved thanks to Kin + Carta’s ability to deliver and exceed expectations time and time again.
  3. Building internal capability: Kin + Carta helped develop in-house knowledge and expertise to enable our client to get to MVP with the highest degree of confidence and the lowest initial investment.
Cross functional team working together

“Right from the outset, Kin + Carta has always kept our key customer outcomes in the very forefront of their minds, working with us to build a clear MVP concept. Their experience and expertise means we’ve always felt very confident that we’re delivering the right solution, both technically and for our customers.”

Head of Mobile

From a technology provider to a trusted partner

This two-and-a-half-year project allowed for an enriching evolution for both parties as we endeavoured to keep our client relevant in a highly competitive environment.

Our expert team forged a strong partnership that not only met existing requirements for the company, but also set the internal team up for the prospective requirements around recruitment and critical roll-outs.

Setting the standard for delivery

This project was a story rooted in iteration. It focused on demonstrating high-quality delivery on everything from the first bit of code to the final release and subsequent tests, so it wasn’t our objective to bring about a revolution. Instead, we helped the customer experience evolve through the kind of innovation that would improve conversion rates, reduce crash rates and set the new standard of delivery within the business.

Outstanding engineering

Kin + Carta’s engineering team created a React Native application that vastly improved the customer experience and combined native- and web-based technology with a web-based checkout flow to unlock significant value.

Our approach to engineering meant that we could also deliver a bespoke backend service and a Mobile Channel API that aggregated non-mobile optimised APIs, custom functionality and integration within the client's current loyalty scheme.

Consistency and reusability were key components of the success of this project, as our client required a level of integration that worked for multiple brands - our engineering team was more than equipped to deliver this.

Dynamic design

Kin + Carta’s ability to provide creative excellence at every stage of the project relied on two distinct design disciplines - one for a website makeover and another for an app changeover to an ecommerce platform.

For the former, we took a feasible, focused and lean approach to designing a system on native and responsive web that was easy to use, consistent with previous designs and appealing to a large customer base - all whilst ensuring the replicability of components for their other brands.

For the latter, we took the app experience above and beyond those of their competitors with an experimental philosophy that tested the grounds on which the application was based - all whilst employing the creative freedom that such a task allowed.

Building internal capability

We’re focused on creating sustainable solutions for our clients, so we knew from the beginning that we had to future-proof our clients team by imparting knowledge and expertise from our own lean team.

A collaborative full-circle journey from discovery to build and then back to discovery again meant that we created capability within the internal team instead of a dependency on our external resources. Moreover, their trust in Kin + Carta was such that it tasked another team with product order and kiosk development once the initial launch team had wound down.

Kin + Carta’s insights and intuition allowed our client to improve its internal agility and productivity without compromising on the quality of its customer experiences. This increased the scope of the work at hand in order to improve not only the website and the app as immediate requirements, but crucially the overall digital ecosystem of the parent company itself.

What began as a project on a small aspect a long term project evolved to include the a whole host of other features, in and out of store, representing how we delivered great, reusable work for the entire organisation.

With an ability to provide quality at pace (we delivered the first beta version of the app to senior stakeholders in just 14 weeks) and improve internal capability (we coached the team throughout on our Agile ways of working so they could enjoy longer-lasting benefits), we were able to set our client up for a future of fantastic customer experience with a second-to-none digital experience.


The success of this project speaks for itself in the results below. Not only did the project generate millions of revenue but the reliability and durability of the app was significantly improved.

2X uplift in the new app
99.5% crash free sessions for Android and iOS
4.6 star rated App
£8M in extra revenue
41% uplift in mobile conversion
£20k daily recovered revenue

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