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CeloDAM: making a sea of content searchable, identifiable, and efficient


Team of three people running a search on a server

  • Category: Data Foundations and Governance

How do you manage thousands of digital assets so an international team can easily find, access, and use the content whenever and wherever they need?

Celonis, an international enterprise software company providing intelligent business solutions using process mining technology, needed help managing the high volume of content their employees generated.

The solution we provided is CeloDAM, the Digital Asset Management system the Celonis global team, especially their 300+ salespeople and 20+ content managers, desperately needed. Now, they no longer struggle to keep up with the ongoing content developed across different platforms and channels.

At a glance

Easily searchable assets

Search for assets using free text, tags, content type or collection.

Files are visually identifiable

Each asset generates a thumbnail preview to help users identify their target based on appearance.

Multi-language support

Open or download files individually or as an entire collection in either English or German.

The challenge

As the global leader in process mining, the international team at Celonis was generating hundreds of new documents, pitch decks, presentations, and other digital materials every day.

Since most of the internal sharing of assets was conducted over email, content management was difficult and inefficient.

Celonis needed a Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool their team could use to organize and access the high volume of content being developed across different channels.

Over the course of the project, the Kin + Carta team offered us a world-class experience. From the high-level planning and strategy to the day-to-day execution, they were always responsive to our requirements and priorities.

Brandon J. Ortiz - VP of Content and Digital Marketing, Celonis

Bringing access and organization to a sea of content

We used state-of-the-art programming tools to create an application that offers good maintainability in development and production, a robust and rapid user experience, and a powerful content storage, structure, and retrieval system.

Using Node.js, Express.js on the back end, Angular on the front end, Azure AD Single Sign-On for authentication, and Contentful for content infrastructure, we built CeloDAM—a single space where Celonis employees can find all assets within their domain.

A fast and efficient digital asset management system

Content is organized, findable, and accessible to the team members who need it.

Assets stored in CeloDAM can be called up using free text, tags, content type, or collection. Uploading and downloading in the correct format and language is effortless. Users contribute to the organizational structure by adding metadata, categorizing, and restricting files as needed.

With all their content in one place, the Celonis team works faster and more efficiently, without wasting time searching across multiple channels.

The CeloDAM product has been a game-changer for our ability to share knowledge at scale across our global company. Our partnership was much more than the typical agency-client relationship; we considered them to be a trusted part of our team at Celonis.

Brandon J. Ortiz - VP of Content and Digital Marketing, Celonis

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