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Empowering a retail giant to scale data pipelines quickly and compliantly

A Fortune 500 leading roaster and coffee retailer

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Data pipeline governance software

  • Category: Data Foundations and Governance Retail

A Fortune 500 client and leading roaster and coffee retailer was struggling to tackle data governance challenges with off-the-shelf software. Kin + Carta has a long history of partnering with the retailer for more than 7 years to develop data transformation pipelines that support analysis, reporting, and data science applications. They asked us to again build a custom solution that would ensure the maintenance of proper data documentation, privacy compliance, and fidelity for decision-making and customer-facing applications.

Helping a client to overcome data growth challenges

As the retail organization’s data product offering grew, leaders wanted to keep maintenance responsibilities manageable while ensuring data issues didn’t drive poor decisions or negatively impact customer experiences. The client also needed improved visibility to ensure data was being processed correctly and compliantly.

The organization trialed several off-the-shelf solutions which failed to support the complex needs of their global business. They turned to Kin + Carta because of our deep knowledge of their business, data, and technology landscape. Through this trusted partnership, we built a robust, custom software solution utilizing existing cloud architecture.

A data governance evolution

We built custom code libraries using Microsoft Azure, facilitating containerized data pipeline development, testing, and productionalization on the cloud.

  • Sensors detect when data has arrived, triggering dependent jobs.
  • Self-documenting libraries ensure code is easily discoverable and instantly up to date with every deployment.
  • Data lineage tracks interdependencies between every source data field, KPI, and reporting artifact.
  • Data sensors and a plug-and-play anomaly detection framework work to detect data issues
  • Subscription and registry features mean users are informed when key data is corrupted and receive regular resolution updates.

Limitless data product potential

This software established a robust framework to scale data transformation pipelines, empowering this global client to quickly, easily, and compliantly develop new data products—all while maintaining the fidelity of strategic data:

  • 86 data pipelines currently running, with over 300,000 data sources and automated lineage.
  • Enables intelligent strategic decision-making and high-quality customer experiences.
  • Documented and highly discoverable data sources enable self-service for new data product development.
  • Data product owners can subscribe to their underlying data assets to receive alerts if data fidelity issues surface.

Good data in, good data out. Unlock the value of data

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