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Working Better

Kin + Carta Podcast Series

A podcast about problems worth solving

Working Better is a podcast about problems worth solving and the technology required to solve them. Hosted by innovator and technology expert, Scott Hermes, each episode will center around an issue, how technology fits into that issue, and a question. A single, specific question that acts as our north star for that episode.

Questions like:

  • Why can we file taxes online but not vote online?
  • Should business leaders be looking to school teachers for the best ways to keep their employees engaged remotely?
  • Can an app be racist?

These challenges have been stubborn to change and will require new thinking and meaningful action in order to actually make change happen. 

Each episode of Working Better will feature perspectives from business leaders, educators, journalists, authors, farmers, scientists, software engineers, designers, and researchers. And for some, Kin + Carta Labs will roll up their sleeves, prototype, and build a new solution.

Season 1 will run from September through January 2021 and you can expect a new episode every other Tuesday morning.


Episode 1 - Where Are All The Contact Tracing Apps?

Contact tracing apps were supposed to help the world minimize the spread of COVID-19, and although the idea had a lot of promise, in reality, it fell short of expectations. In this episode, we dive deep into the role of technology and COVID-19, why contact tracing apps haven’t lived up to the hype, and what it would take to introduce something that… you know... works?

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Episode 2 - How Is Social Distancing Affecting our Mental Health?

In this episode, we discuss how therapists and business leaders have approached this challenge. Of connecting with people. Of substituting genuine human interactions. Of practicing empathy, vulnerability, and trust as best we can given the circumstances, with the tools at our disposal.

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Why Can't We Vote Online?

What if we told you the tiny European nation of Estonia has been voting online since 2005? In this episode, we take a closer look at the way the Estonian system works, the biggest obstacles to online voting in the US, and what it might take to transform one of the most important functions of our society.

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