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Driving business results with intelligent experiences

MACH. Headless. Composable Architecture.

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Modern digital experiences are delivered using cutting edge technologies that allow customers to realize unprecedented speed, agility and time to value. At Kin + Carta, we’re experts at leveraging MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, Headless) architecture to quickly enable customers to standardize their web content and commerce technology stacks, save time and deliver more innovative experiences at scale. 

As members of the MACH Alliance, Kin + Carta’s Headless experts are best positioned to partner with marketers, technology teams and business leaders to get started with Composable Architecture.

Create the moments that matter

Stay one step ahead in a world where consumers demand flawless digital experiences online and offline. Explore the possibilities of Intelligent Experiences.  

Our solutions

MACH solutions are exceptionally powerful when they are used to drive experiences across multiple channels of customer engagement.

While many customers utilize composable, headless technology to develop web-centric content or commerce experiences, additional opportunities include employee-facing tools, native mobile applications and digital signage channels.

Web-based experiences

- Web sites

- Commerce sites

- Employee-facing experiences

Mobile-based experiences

- Native mobile apps

- Hybrid mobile experiences

Other MACH Applications

- Customer Service

- Call Center / Helpdesk

- Digital Signage

- Enterprise Content Management

Talk to our experts about how to get started with MACH and headless experiences

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MACH for Everyone: an everyday guide to composable technology

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We leverage our network of trusted partners to kick-start, accelerate and amplify outcomes for our clients.
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Our experts

Talk to our experts about how to get started with MACH and headless experiences

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