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Win the future through custom-built data products

Data + AI

Are your data products failing to deliver results?

Enable your team to forecast operations, manage inventory, and track business performance with a custom data product that is purpose-built and designed uniquely for your business.

Discover the crossroad of beautiful design, functional workflows, back-end automation, and the power of data science and engineering.

Create a data product that makes a real difference to your bottom line

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We can help you move from ‘data projects’ to ‘data products’. Identifying the highest value opportunities, prioritizing product features and building the initial releases, we can enable you to accelerate your realization of value from data

Karl Hampson - CTO Data and AI, Kin + Carta

Working with us

Kin + Carta brings cross-functional expertise to build bespoke data products to meet the needs of your business. We immerse ourselves in fully understanding the rhythm of your business and how a custom data product can drive top-line revenue and/or cost saving efficiencies.

Where we can help

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Be the disruptor

By identifying the right opportunity for you to invest in a data product that will give you a true competitive advantage.

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Cost-saving efficiencies

We can develop the infrastructure to fully automate the back-end removing costly manual processes.

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Create a roadmap

Developing a flexible tool ready for continual feature enhancements to stay on top of your competition.

Create a data product that makes a real difference to your bottom line

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