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What's next after Google Optimize?

Look no further than Optimizely as your next testing technology

Getting ready for the switch

Are you currently running experiments or personalisations on Google Optimize?

If so, you will have heard that the platform will officially be closed down at the end of September this year. Therefore, any experiments and personalisations still active on that date will come to an end.

The latest news from Google is that they are committed to moving its A/B testing function to Google Analytics 4 but it hasn't yet made clear which optimisation features it intends to integrate. Therefore, businesses that rely on Google Optimize today will have to find a new solution and should start researching alternatives.

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Why Optimizely?

Not only is Google actively collaborating with them but they are the world’s leading experimentation platform. Additionally, Optimizely integrates seamlessly with all Google products and also offers:

A market leader

Optimizely created the first ever web experimentation platform. Today it is still the most used platform and continues to be trusted by the world’s leading brands such as Ebay, Visa, Atlassian, Sky, Prezzo, and Cancer Research UK

Additional high value features

Optimizely’s Stats Engine offers real-time sequential statistics for accurate and fast results - this will help your experiments to reach statistical significance at a faster rate. Error controls and exclusion groups also allow for multiple comparisons and experiments to run effortlessly.

Maximise performance

Optimizely is committed to offering the fastest client side solution in the market. They have optimised every point of delivery and built a leading product (Performance Edge) which allows you to maintain high performance where it matters the most without limiting your experiment velocity and pace.

Powerful integrations

Optimizely Web Experimentation seamlessly integrates with all Google products and other best-in-class tools, including Salesforce, FullStory, Segment, and Contentful CMS to create a digital experience stack that maximises results but importantly means that your current experimentation programme can maintain momentum.

Speed of implementation

Replacing Google Optimize is simple, with a single code update. It works on any website and allows all digital experience teams to experiment across any touchpoint in the customer journey.

Need advice? Kin + Carta can help

Technology migrations can be challenging. That's why we have developed specific Google Optimize migration packages which ensures you select, implement and integrate your chosen technology with ease.

We recently were awarded Experimentation Partner of the Year with Optimizely for our expertise in supporting businesses with their experimentation activity.

We have over 20+ years' experience supporting clients with their experimentation strategy, helping brands such as Unilever, Lexus, Marks & Spencer and Farrow & Ball.

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Partner badges: Optimizely 2023 Platinum solution partner and Experimentation partner of the year

Clients who have benefited from our Experimentation services

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Lexus case study

Make engaging experiences happen

Luxury comes down to the details, digital included. Looking to create a captivating, service-led web experience, Lexus partnered with Kin + Carta to launch a new website, designed to be as beautiful, performance-driven, and remarkable as the cars it sells.

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