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Using data to decarbonize

Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Harness intelligence for your sustainability transformation

Climate change isn't just an environmental issue; it's a social, economic and moral challenge that demands a multifaceted response. As organizations are pressured to accelerate their sustainability journeys and achieve net zero goals, they should look to Microsoft Sustainability Manager to accelerate their ambitions. 

Measuring your environmental impact can be a complex undertaking, requiring the collection and analysis of data across the entire supply chain. By leveraging AI and advanced analytics, MSM enables organizations to gain insights into their environmental footprint, identify areas for improvement, and implement data-driven strategies to reduce impact.


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Why Microsoft Sustainability Manager?

Microsoft Sustainability Manager (MSM) unifies data intelligence to help organizations efficiently monitor and manage emissions. It helps organizations make informed decisions, streamline their sustainability efforts, and accelerate environmental performance. 

Kin + Carta is Microsoft’s go-to implementation partner with the highest number of MSM-certified engineers on hand to support you with onboarding and managing the tool.

The benefits of Microsoft Sustainability Manager

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Comprehensive reporting

Complete and accurate account of scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions to meet upcoming requirements.

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Real time snapshots

Access your emissions data at all times then react and iterate to reach net zero more quickly.

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Data that drives action

Identify high emissions areas across your value chain to understand the areas of opportunity.

Established, tested and trusted

Kin + Carta and Microsoft sustainable solutions can help your company deliver on sustainability and business value – driving impact and innovation across your value chain.

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Our commitment to sustainability

As a B Corp, Kin + Carta is committed to making the world a better place for future generations. As part of this, we have a goal of helping clients save 1,000,000 metric tons of CO2 by 2027.

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